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How To Stop Your Home Security System From Waking You Up With False Alarms

By Ben Nader|Thursday February 22, 2018

Today’s home alarm systems have many innovations that help keep you safe.

They offer the peace of mind of knowing that you will be alerted by cell phone if there is any unusual activity. You have on-demand video footage that authorities can use to identify and apprehend the criminals. You have the flexibility of wireless technology, DIY installation, and no contracts. And services like the Ooma home security system even include remote access to local 911 services so that you get help quickly when you need it the most.

Ooma Home Security is designed to prevent false alarms so that you won’t face the same “crying wolf” problems that you experience with other systems. Here are four ways that Ooma Home Security helps you rest easy without false alarms:

ooma home security system

Home Security That’s High-Quality and Easy To Use

A poorly made home security system can be rife with problems. From inaccurate sensors to software glitches, there are millions of potential fault lines that can trigger a false alarm.

Ooma Home Security uses the highest standards of technology for industry leading home security performance. Plus, the easy digital interface means that you aren’t likely to accidentally set up the system incorrectly and falsely trigger the alarm siren yourself.

Advanced Detection With the Butterfleye Video Camera

Ooma’s new Butterfleye AI-powered video security camera has recognition technology that can distinguish people, pets, and sounds. So not only is it able to tell the difference between Uncle Fred and the mailman, but it also will likely not mistake a wind-blown tree limb for a security threat.

And if another sensor in your home security system is triggered, the integrated Butterfleye video feed can give you instant livestream video of what is happening at your location. Want to check out what was happening before the sensor was triggered? The device has a deep video archive.

If that wasn’t enough, the device continues working during both Internet and power outages. So you’ll always be involved in keeping your home or business secure.

Ooma butterfly security camera

Automated Arming and Disarming

A common cause for false alarms is human error when arming or disarming the system. Whether you’re running back into the house after you’ve already armed the system, you forget the disarming code, or other countless scenarios, manual systems are easy to accidentally trigger. In fact, you might find that you have the most false alarms for simple things like when your teen is coming home after dark and you went to bed early.

That’s why Ooma is taking the human error out of home security. Our automated “geofencing” arming and disarming works off the GPS function of approved users’ mobile devices. With this technology, family members or trusted contacts won’t be seen as threats, limiting the number of accidental alarm triggers. All of the settings are completely customizable so that you can establish the security rules, notification preferences, and radius at which the system engages or disengages.

Not only does this feature help you prevent late-night false alarms, but it also means that you won’t be wondering all day if you remembered to arm the security system.

Protection Against Hackers

We’ve all heard the horror stories and seen the horror movies where hackers gain access to a home security system and wreak havoc. While there is inherent risk in Internet-enabled devices, Ooma Home Security uses a different communications technology that provides added security against hacking.

protect against house alarm hackers

Instead of communicating via Wi-Fi, Ooma uses DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology to connect sensors with the Ooma Telo base station. Not only is this technology classified as Ultra Low Energy, which gives your hardware an estimated battery life of two years, but it also means that your home monitoring sensors will not have IP addresses. By using DECT, your sensors are more protected from malicious outsiders gaining unauthorized access. This will keep your home safe and your security is uncompromised.

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