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Does Your Home Security Camera Still Work if Power and Internet Are Down?

By Ben Nader|Thursday July 11, 2019

A home security camera is an excellent way to stay connected with and protect your home, your belongings, and the people that you care about.

However, it’s important to choose a security camera that helps minimize security downtimes and keep you protected, even during circumstances that are beyond your control, such as a power failure or internet outage.

security during power internet outage

With a backup battery and onboard storage, Ooma’s smart home security camera has you covered with its intelligent video security.

What Happens to Your Security When the Power Goes Out?

A video security camera that doesn’t have a backup battery will fail when your electricity goes out, leaving you with no protection at all. This risk can be fixed by choosing the right security camera.

Ooma Smart Cam is equipped with a long-lasting, built-in, rechargeable battery, so a power outage won’t prevent your device from recording any incidents.

The internal battery of Ooma Smart Cam is a hands-free power supply. If electricity goes out following a thunderstorm, the backup battery will continue to power Ooma Smart Cam during the outage. Then, when electricity is restored, the device will automatically switch back to the traditional power supply and begin recharging the onboard battery. This automated system frees you from worrying about potential downtime and saves you from performing maintenance to keep your battery fully charged.

While Ooma Smart Cam is on internal battery power, the camera will keep running for up to three months under typical usage conditions. This is more than sufficient to maintain power during a hurricane-level outage. For example, after Hurricane Irene, it took five days for 95 percent power restoration, and after Hurricane Sandy, it took 10 days for 95 percent power restoration.

Ooma Smart Cam backup battery

Not only does this extended battery life provide you with the coverage necessary during an emergency, but it also gives you the option to use Ooma Smart Cam at events or in locations that may not have a power supply readily available. For example, it’s a great solution for battery-powered security at your front door, and it might only need to be charged twice per year You can also place this portable security solution at a vendor fair booth, auction event, or farmer’s market. Simply connect the 100 percent wire-free device to a Wi-Fi signal and you’ll be up and running immediately.

Does Your Security Camera Work When the Internet Is Down?

Just because your internet connection is down, the risk of crime doesn’t decrease. That’s why it’s important to choose a Wi-Fi security camera that can maintain functionality even during an internet outage.

Ooma Smart Cam uses Wi-Fi to alert you to security incidents. However, if your internet connection does go down, the camera will continue working, recording any video locally to the onboard storage. After your internet connection is restored, the device will automatically sync any newly recorded video clips to the cloud so all your security recordings will continue to be accessible in a single location via Ooma Smart Cam app (iOS, Android).

Onboard storage capacity for Ooma Smart Cam is 16GB. That’s enough to hold many hours of video.

Whether your camera loses internet connection due to a regional outage or a spotty Wi-Fi signal, Ooma Smart Cam has you covered.

Preparing for Power and Internet Outages with Ooma Smart Cam

Ooma Smart Cam without electricity

During outages, Ooma Smart Cam’s AI-powered face tag, passive infrared sensors, night vision, and other advanced security features continue to function until your utilities come back.

To get started with an Ooma Smart Cam, a single camera costs $149.99, a three-pack is $399.99, and a five-pack is $599.99. For Canadian customers, a single camera costs $199.99 CDN, a three-pack is $549.99 CDN, and a five-pack is $799.99 CDN. Subscribing to Ooma Smart Cam plans will give you access to additional features for advanced security.

The device’s intelligent backup systems counter the threat of crime from those who would attempt to use power outages to their advantage, or those who might disrupt internet connection to bypass security cameras.

Learn more about 24/7 video security with Ooma Smart Cam, a completely wire-free device that can be used indoors or outdoors.


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