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#56290 by Graham Best
Fri May 21, 2010 1:46 pm
This is a small request (hopefully)...

In the Voicemail / Inbox on the Ooma website for Premiere subscribers, it has the name of the person who called. You can listen to the message, delete it, etc.

There is also an option for Premiere subscribers to have VoiceMail forwarded to an e-mail account on the 'Voicemail Preferences' webpage. When the e-mail gets sent, the subject of the e-mail is

"New Voice Message from [phone number] ([xx] sec)"

Can you change this so that the subject of the e-mail is

"New Voice Message from [caller's name] ([xx] sec)"

I don't have phone numbers memorized, so the caller's name would help. Also, the length of the message on the website doesn't seem to agree with the length in the subject... On one message, the e-mail subject for the length was one second less than the website.

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