QOS Range script for IPCop and Raqcop (IPCOP for Cobalts)

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QOS Range script for IPCop and Raqcop (IPCOP for Cobalts)

Post by Davesworld » Sat Dec 05, 2009 9:57 pm

If any of you are running IPCop, or my adaptation of it (Raqcop) which is IPCop for Cobalt hardware, I have a qos range script that will allow you to add the whole port 10000 to 20000 range (or any range for that matter) and assign it high priority with the built in traffic shaping without resorting to kernel level 7 modifications and layer 7 traffic shaping addons. If having over 10000 entries in the config file sounds scary, the resultant file is 156.4KB and looking at my system graphs in the web gui, it still doesn't make much difference in load.

IPCop uses wondershaper which is administered via the web gui but adding 10000 ports one line at a time is not something any of us wants to do. I left a readme file with instructions but basically you just uncompress the script and run it as root, it will ask questions before doing anything. It writes to /var/ipcop/shaping/config. It could be edited to work with smoothwall as well and possibly other dedicated hardened firewall/router distros.

http://downloads.raqcop.com/cobalt_ipco ... nge-Script (the script and readme)
http://www.raqcop.com (my site for IPCop adapted to run on Raq3,4, and 550 and Qube 3)
http://www.ipcop.org (IPCop for PC hardware)

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