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#98642 by mikestorm
Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:10 am
Hello all. New OOMA customer and set out today to disconnect my landline wiring. I just bought this house (relatively new home) and after opening the box, I think I might have a fairly complicated situation.

It appears as if the previous owner had 3 landlines. Line 1 (talk), Line 2 (fax), and Line 3 (Alarm).

Here's a photo of my box. This forum seems to clip the right half of my photo from view, so to see the entire photo please click below link to view photo in new tab.

I would like to disconnect all 3 lines and use OOMA for phone/fax. As for alarm, it' s currently not in use but I plan on exploring other means of connecting to alarm company (internet or voip). For now though, just looking for some assistance with the wiring. All of the photos I've seen suggest I should have modular phone plugs plugged into the jacks on the customer side (unplug and done) of the wiring, but instead I have metal connectors in the covers that connect into the jack when the covers are closed.

Any help would be appreciated, and thanks in advance.
#98644 by focuspuller
Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:38 am
Can't help with the wiring....Never saw a box like this.

But as for an Alarm System...Check out Front Point Security,

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They have great customer service and it's DYI install.
#98651 by lbmofo
Sat Aug 04, 2012 10:54 am
For your box, since there is no plug to pull, you'd need to disconnect the wires from the screw terminals on the left.

If you still have landline dialtone, you can test (check for dialtone first then disconnect the wires from the screw terminals, then check for dead phone line condition).

Here is phone wire coloring:


I notice that your 2nd pair and 4th pair are connected together for some reason. Not sure why this is.

Maybe you have walljacks in the house that are on 1st pair, some on 3rd pair, and some on 2nd+4th pair.

If after disconnecting wires from the screw terminals, you feedback your ooma dialtone to one walljack and don't get ooma dialtone from other jacks, you'd have to take a look at the walljacks to see how they are wired (maybe you'd have to change them all back to pair 1).

If you have walljacks that are mixed (some on pair 1, some on pair 2+4, some on pair 3), the not so neat way to go around it (without having to deal with how walljacks are wired) is to connect all your 4 pairs together in the NIB box once the wires are off the screw terminals (ring to ring, tip to tip).

To connect wires together when off screw terminals, you'd need butt splice connectors (ring to ring, tip to tip). The 2 wire butt splice connector to connect 2 wires together. The 3 wire butt splice connectors to connect 3 or more wires together (if more than 3, connect 3 together first, then use another to connect 1 more wire {1 new wire + cut one of the already connected wires; 1 new wire end + 2 ends of the cut wire = 3 butts}).

2 wire butt splice scotchlok connectors from Home Depot

3 wire butt splice scotchlok connectors from Home Depot

For your reading pleasure, how to distribute voip: viewtopic.php?t=13354
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#98656 by mikestorm
Sat Aug 04, 2012 11:51 am
Thanks lbmofo. A few follow up questions:

Would you recommend disconnecting all four pairs? I don't plan on using Verizon again.
Do I need to splice them together or something or is it OK to leave them dangling? I've read a bunch of things online and I think I'm getting recommendations mixed together.

About pairs 2 & 4. Who knows. The previous owner was in IT. Next to box is this (see photo). I think he set this house up in such away to turn on/off/select which jacks ring to which phones all from one location.

#98657 by lbmofo
Sat Aug 04, 2012 12:09 pm
Holy cow. Just looking at this makes me dizzy :)

As for whether to connect them together question....if you have only 1 wire bunch (looks like you do), then leave them hanging (metal leads cut off). If you have more than 1 wire bunch, you'd need to connect them together (ring to ring, tip to tip); most cases, you'd be connecting all the wires together that were connected to the same screw terminal after getting them off the screw terminal.
#98667 by mikestorm
Sat Aug 04, 2012 1:49 pm
lbmofo, turns out it wasn't that difficult at all.

If you look again at the original picture, customer side, underside of open covers.

Notice I have a jack like protrusion with two metal connectors under each cover, that connect into the jack when the covers are closed?

Well, I plugged in my Ooma with covers closed and heard buzzing/feedback/crappy line.
I opened covers and connected Ooma again...crystal clear.
So, I just snapped off the three small covers from their vertical post (can be reattached in a pinch), closed up the customer side of the box and I'm good to go!

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