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#93126 by zincmann
Sun Feb 19, 2012 5:19 pm
Ok so I got everything to work in my house, system is up and running, just have one small problem.I have a phone connected to a single jack which I use for my business, cordless phone and fax machine, and now with ooma that phone no longer carries a dial tone. I have disconnected my phone service outside at the demarc in the grey box outside. I get dial tone to all my phones, well I have 4 phones on one system but have 3 other phones on separate lines that also work fine. I have found ALL the wires coming into the basement junction box except the one coming from my second floor home office. I took the switch plate off to look and its an outside wall so its a metal box and I think the wire runs up the wall through the attic and probably down a center wall in the house, but I am not about to crawl into my crawl space. I was going to run a 50 FT phone extension cord down to my basement jack which also works but that was too much work . I am using Cable Internet for my service and i know there are certain color wires either outside or inside or both that should be joined together to make all inside jacks work but I have differing information and I dont want to screw something up. I have a lot of the old black yellow green and red but also a lot of the newer, Blue, Blue Striped, Orange, Orange Striped and Brown Brown Striped wires connected or spliced outside my basement junction box.
#93146 by zincmann
Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:31 pm
Overview of outside Demarc Box, its a Corning UNI-3003-23UI
IMG_0808.jpg (21.27 KiB) Viewed 5537 times
Cyberchat thanks for that tutorial and it really goes in depth but since I didnt have an alarm system or TIVO or a DVR or what not too much, but still it didnt help me solve my problem. I am going to upload some pictures here so you can see what my outside Demarc box wiring looks like and what my basement junction box looks like. Turns out all my 2nd floor outlets are not getting dial tone, however my basement phones (2), Kitchen Wired Phone, and 4 Panasonic Cordless phones from my Family room on the first floor as my kitchen wired phone all are getting dial tone. So it begs the question if my service is really shut off or not from the Demarc box. I did slide the switch to "disconnect" so I would assume that is what disconnects it.
Demarc Pic #3
IMG_0810.jpg (18.37 KiB) Viewed 5537 times
Demarc 2
IMG_0809.jpg (17.83 KiB) Viewed 5537 times
#93150 by thunderbird
Mon Feb 20, 2012 2:37 pm
Before you had Ooma did you have two lines coming into the house, and also did you have any form of DSL?

Following is a procedure that may help:
I see you have two Universal Line Modules installed in the UNI-3003-23U1. Trace the wiring coming in from the ground (from the street from your old phone service provider) and see if there is a branch that goes to both Universal Line Modules (the devices that have the swithes on them).

If they both have imputes from the old phone provider phone line(s), each Universal Line Module may have supported one floor in your house and when you shut off the old phone lines coming in from the street, you may have isolated the second floor from the rest of the house.
If that is the case, open a wall jack on each floor of the house and record the floor and colors of the phone wires connected to each phone jack terminal (not any spare wires, just connected wires). Back down to the UNI-3003-23U1 see if you can see these same colored wires connected to each Universal Line Module. Use a corded phone and modify an extra two wire phone cord so that you can use it as a test phone. Using a pair of jumper wires with alligator clips, jumper from the modified phone cord to the same colored wires at the Universal Line Module, and see if you can get a dial tone at each Universal Line Module. If you get a dial tone at one but not the other, jumper from one Universal Line Module to the other, following the correct wire color codes, using the known wire colors that you detected and wrote down before, from each floor of your house. Go to the second floor and see if you have Ooma dial tone. Repeat the process as required.
#93154 by zincmann
Mon Feb 20, 2012 2:56 pm
Thunderbird I did have DSL, and i looked under the Demarc box and there TWO Beige lines QUAD wire R,G,Y,B coming into the box from the house, and one GREY CAT 5 or CAT 3 (More modern wiring) going into the house as the main line. Again all lines worked when I had either Cable phone service or DSL and Digital Phone service from the phone company. My guess is that maybe those two MAIN beige Quad Wire lines, could be first floor and basement, AND second floor respectively, would that be a common wiring schema though?
#93156 by zincmann
Mon Feb 20, 2012 4:05 pm
Thunderbird actually just one of the Universal Line modules is populated with wiring. As I said before and I wish this was Vizio I could put a diagram out there but i see TWO beige Quad wiring coming into the box at the bottom from the house and i also see a Newer Cat 5 or Cat 3 cable coming in from the ground which is hooked to the 2nd or bottom Universal Line module, the other is completely empty. I tried to get a picture that showed the colors of the wires but it tends to bleach it out.
#93158 by zincmann
Mon Feb 20, 2012 4:36 pm
Thunderbird thank you again, so youre saying to do that on the Demarc box outside? As you see in one pic the two beige wires coming into the box from the house are in the Demarc box as well as the new Cat 5/3 cable that goes into the house from the box.

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