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#88522 by thunderbird
Sun Oct 16, 2011 4:56 pm
Only because it seems to work right now.

Also veiw browwi topic: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=11626&start=120

First I have to say that most people using the Ooma devices don't have any problems. They just plug in the Ooma device and forget it, except to make and receive phone calls.

It seems like after every Ooma firmware update, another crop of problems come up with the firmware update for just a few people. For those people, certain adjustments that were made previously, must be tested and adjusted again to conform to the current firmware.

Since, there are many "builds" of the Ooma devices, and we don't have access to Ooma's drawings, technical manuals, wiring diagrams, etc. often we have to fall back on our previous training, experience and intuition. Suggestions that will help others with a problem often come from the trial and error testing accomplished by the Ooma forum members. The 90% settings worked for some time for the Modem-Ooma-Router connection, for some people. But after a report by one Ooma Forum member with a Modem-Router-Ooma connection, 90% QoS also worked for him, I tried it and it worked for me. I had previously set my QoS setting to a value higher than the measured Upload and Download speeds of my Internet connection, as suggested by an software and electronics design engineer that I worked with for a few years.

In a previous Ooma Telo firmware version update, Ooma did try to correct the Quality of Service Zero setting problems "Bug". But for a few Ooma users, it hasn't happened yet. ;)

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