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#8712 by koehn
Wed Apr 29, 2009 8:31 pm
I recently installed an Ooma at a relative's house, and once her port had completed I ran a wire from the "phone" side on the back of the Ooma to the "wall" side. This enabled the third phone in her house to operate without needing to purchase another scout.

Of course, I had splitters on both the "wall" port (one side went to the splitter on the "phone" port, the other side to the wall jack) and on the "phone" port. On the "phone" port side, I ran one side to the splitter on the "wall" port, and the other to an existing phone.

The problem was, when I ran the line to the existing phone, the scout stopped working (blinking red ooma light). When I disconnected the existing phone, everything worked as expected.

The phone in question has an REN of 1.0, and the other phone hooked up sans scout also has a low REN. All my wiring is single-pair, and I disconnected her old local phone service at the box outside her house (despite the port having completed, she was still getting dial tone from her CLEC).

I know I could easily run either the POTS or HPNA service over the second pair on her home phone wire, but I'm wondering why this configuration isn't working. Any guesses?
#8723 by murphy
Thu Apr 30, 2009 2:55 am
Did you disconnect all of the wires in the outside box? I have a two line box. A long time ago, when dial up modems were the way you connected to the internet, I had two phone lines. When I got cable internet, I canceled the second line. The dial tone on that line went away but the voltage stayed. Several years later when I was converting my house to "home run" wiring I found a dial tone back on that line. It turned out that they had reused the line from the CO to feed a business a couple blocks away without bothering to disconnect the wire to my house. When the lazy technician came to correct the problem, he wanted to go to my basement and cut the wire. I refused and told him to go to the distribution box at the back of my property, find the line and disconnect it there. They tend to leave the wires in place hoping you will come back.
#8807 by koehn
Fri May 01, 2009 4:04 am
There was only one line at the box. I just can't figure out why this phone is unhappy, unless perhaps it's drawing too much current: it has an alarm clock, and no battery or plug (into A/C), so maybe that's it.

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