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#86952 by ejs
Fri Sep 09, 2011 5:48 am
yes, the phone company plug is unplugged.
Ok, trying to work thru this....
the line from the office (where the ooma is) to the NIB has both L1 and L2 wired at the office jack. At the NIB box, both are wired together on the screws. Currently the line to the alarm panel and the subsequent lines to the rest of the house are wired only on the L1 from the NIB box. does this sound correct? I do not believe my lines are daisy chained. I think they all come to the NIB box. All phone jacks in the house, except ooma, should be wired to L1 only. the alarm panel has a RJ31x installed and an alarm DSL filter. The red and green wires say incoming phone line and the brown and gray wires say to handset on the alarm circuit board. (note - the alarm system was monitored before ooma)

I have not yet picked up a standard DSL filter, I shall today.

If this does not work, I am seriously considering getting Brighthouse or comcast to come out and setup the system for their VOIP and then ditching them after a month!
#86953 by murphy
Fri Sep 09, 2011 6:18 am
The Ooma Phone jack must go to the alarm panel input connection and no where else.
Since your house appears to be home run wired pick a wall jack close to the Ooma.
Feed the Ooma dialtone into that jack on L2.
Do not attach a phone to the Ooma phone jack.
If you need a phone near the Ooma it gets connected to the L1 connection of the jack you use to feed from Ooma on L2.
There should be a 4 wire phone cable going from the NIB to the panel.
One pair is the feed to the panel and the other pair is the feed from the panel.
Locate the NIB end of the cable from the Ooma and connect the L2 wires to the cable pair that feeds the panel.
Connect the other pair coming from the panel to all of the L1 wires for the house.
Do not connect the L2 wires for the rest of the house to anything, especially not to the feed from the Ooma.
When the panel goes off hook to dial every phone in your house should go dead.
#86954 by ejs
Fri Sep 09, 2011 7:03 am
Excellent! Thank you!
On a whim, I reset everything back to the way it was with the phone company and tested the alarm system, the line seizure was not working! so I have been wracking my brains, only to discover the alarm was never wired properly for line seizure. I will work now on wiring it the way you mentioned, using the handy diyalarmforum guide to the RJ31x, as well.

Now, I just need to figure out how to get the alarm to correctly talk with ADT. Do you think the line seizure issue was the reason why it has not been working? I have seen the call in the call logs on ooma, and have even gotten a Cd message on the alarm panel, but the call center says they have received nothing. I still need to go pick up that DSL filter, perhaps that will do the trick.
#86992 by ejs
Sat Sep 10, 2011 8:44 am
Ok, I got line seizure working. The alarm company came out and wired the box up, the yellow and black from the alarm now go to all the L1 outlets in the house. I then wired the L2 form the office to the red and green going to the alarm panel. Line seizure should now be working!
Now, the ooma: I hooked up an old Tivo with an external modem to try and hear what was going on as the modem dials out. What it sounds like is one of two things AFTER the call connects and shows up in the call log... ooma hangs up the call, (I hear a new ooma dial tone as the modem attempts to send signal) or the signals get stuck in a loop until eventually the Tivo gives up. I imagine this is similar to what happens with the alarm. I have tried *99, *98, and *70.
Any suggestions?
#92717 by lbmofo
Wed Feb 08, 2012 7:13 am
Recently I helped a friend with some phone wiring. No central wire closet but had alarm. Saw a popular setup in this type of situation. The alarm wiring is as follows: dedicated wire from NIB to alarm (RJ31X) then back to NIB on 2nd pair; then this 2nd pair is connected back to the house wiring. This page has a good illustration of this type of wiring. ... ection.htm

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