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#67196 by lbmofo
Wed Oct 20, 2010 2:02 pm

Obviously, all good. After all, they are talking about Ooma!

Ooma Telo: The Single Best Landline Replacement You Can Buy

— Rick Broida, PC World

But as much as I like Vonage, I found a service I like even better. Palo Alto-based Ooma offers free unlimited calls to the United States and low-cost calls to other countries, starting at less than 2 cents a minute

— Larry Magid, San Jose Mercury News

I've tried many gadgets that send my home phone calls over the Internet, but only one has really done a good job of it: the Ooma.

— Peter Svensson, Associated Press

There is no catch, there is no downside, the title says it all. Say hello to Ooma and say good bye to your phone bills. It's just that simple

— Andrew Weiner,

call quality seemed much better than with Vonage

— Rick Broida, CNET

Terrific voice quality that is, in my experience with both, on par with a landline

— Dan Cohen, Gear Diary
#86444 by Mervin S
Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:09 pm
Okay, I checked out all the reviews regarding Ooma. Some good, some bad. I decided to take the chance because it sounded pretty good.
To all of those bad testimonials--- you have never had a bad landline. I contacted Qwest in Phoenix AZ, twice to repair my landline, repairs were made in a timely manner,no problem, line was good for about a month on each repair, then back to crackling and noise on the line continually.
Ooma started exceptionally clear and has remained so. Ooma is great.
Please subscribe to Ooma Premier, support the company, $9.99 per month plus federal taxes is a small price to pay for great quality, low cost phone service. If you don't support the service, it may not survive. No I'm not affliated with Ooma, just a happy customer.
#86447 by kdmc69
Sat Aug 27, 2011 5:35 am
Three years ago I made a wise decision. After hearing about it on the Clark Howard show, I purchased an Ooma hub with scout. I want to give Ooma kudos for 3 years of no phone bills and to thank them for all the money I’ve saved. I purchased the system in August of 2008. I chose to go with the Premier plan since I wanted the additional features that it provides. There were some initial minor glitches which were resolved quickly by Ooma support and the helpful people on this forum. When the Telo rolled out, I participated in the beta testing . I ran the Hub and Telo in parallel for a few months and then gave my son the Hub so he could enjoy the savings, as well. It is still working well for him, as is the Telo for me. In fact, we both find that the Ooma service is much more reliable than the land-line, and VOIP, services we had.
The really good news is that, even considering the initial outlay for equipment and 3 years of Premier service, Ooma has saved me close to $1000. And my son has saved over $600 himself. It’s really neat to know that we can talk all we want, long distance and local, and not worry about a phone bill each month. The wife was the biggest skeptic in the beginning, but after 3 years of no phone bills, she is a believer!!
So, thank you Ooma!!
Keep up the good work!
#86618 by terryh
Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:31 pm
Got an email today from Ooma asking for my review to Sears. I obliged, filled out an excellent favorable review that took some time. Hit save and was taken to another screen where I was supposed to copy/paste all the text I just entered onto another form. The only problem was Ooma's instructional screen obliterated the page I was supposed to fill out. Ooma popup wasn't deleteable or movable. I canceled out. Thank you for wasting an hour of my time, Ooma. Sorry I couldn't help after all.
#86737 by Ely
Sun Sep 04, 2011 6:06 am
I just submitted my review on the Sears website, hopefully, it will get posted.

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