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#85657 by psmsmallengines
Sun Aug 14, 2011 12:16 am
Have my Ooma up and running for over a month, ported in another number for my 2nd line last week. It rings only to the ooma handset. Great. Now when I sigbn in to view my call logs etc, that thing comes up saying to get oma firing on all cylinders, choose options, have filled them all out EXCEPT choose a second number, it even lets me choose a number from a list, HOWEVER< I already have a second number(The one I ported over for my second line) I know this is not a big deal but what would happen if I chose a second number from that list? Would I be charged an extra $4.99 a month? I certainly dont want that. If I chose the second nmuber and bought another ooma handset, would it be, or could it be just for that? Then that would give me 3 numbers. Anyone know what I should do? Thanks
#85658 by murphy
Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:12 am
Yes you would be charged $4.99 a month for a third number.
They apparently have a bug in the configuration wizard.
It is not necessary to get that thing to 100%.
Just ignore it.

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