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#83702 by ameneses54
Sat Jun 25, 2011 10:00 am
The link with the instructions, do not refer to an integrated modem/router as the 2Wire and as such are confusing.
In any case there is an option to assign a computer to the DMZ, but how?
When I chose DMZplus, I have to choose a computer. On the list there is no OOMA so I really don't know which computer to choose. I think this is very important and I'm stuck. An unknown was chosen by default
There is an option to enter an IP address, but which would be the OOMA?

I don't understand why all the problems, it should be a simple procedure.
I'd like to know the policies of the company for returning the OOMA for a refund.
I'm not an expert in networks and it gets harder each time a new advice is posted.
SKYPE VOIP is much simpler and reliable.
:cry: :cry:
#83983 by ameneses54
Sat Jul 02, 2011 12:42 pm
Dear Sir,
Even though I don't know how my security is affected, assigning the OOMA unit to the DMZ zone seems to have solved the voice and quality of connection completely.
Currently,in addition to assigning the OOMA to the DMZ I'm using the "built in"configuration and up and down speeds 1000KbPs over my recorded limit.
To sum things up, could you explain why the current configuration is optimal for my Uverse 2Wire router/modem and if I should tweak or revert any settings.

Thank you
#83987 by ameneses54
Sat Jul 02, 2011 2:31 pm
Thanks for the reply.
Although my current configuration seems OK, why is the 80% option considered better and also, isn't it considered the "optimal" place for the OOMA between the modem and router?
The point is I just want it at its best and leave it there.
Please advise.
#84039 by thunderbird
Tue Jul 05, 2011 7:20 am
There are probably tens of thousands of Ooma customers using their router DMZ for their Ooma device to operate properly.

I have seen forum recommendations to place the Ooma device in the DMZ, in year 2008, very near Ooma's beginning.

I have never seen one post where anyone said there was a problem.

If you are using Internet and virus security, like Norton Internet Security, with the Norton Internet Security Network Security Map properly configured, with the Ooma IP "Trust Level" set to Restricted, on each of your computers, when placing the Ooma device in the DMZ, you will be okay. I have tried to access Ooma Setup through port forwarding using the reserved IP Ooma address that is in my DMZ. Unless Norton Internet Security is disabled, Norton blocks any Ooma LAN traffic to/from any other device on my LAN. I can't access Ooma Setup until I temporarily disable Norton Internet Security.
#84085 by ameneses54
Wed Jul 06, 2011 6:09 am
Considering that allocating the OOMA to the DMZ is the only option that has worked for me,I really don't have much on the table, except loose $200 and trash the OOMA.


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