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#81172 by w4jwm
Wed May 11, 2011 8:11 pm
First I must thank Ooma for the quality of there service reps in the Philippines. Job well done for an offshore center!

Now the meat... Ooma Voice and GV is a mess. I am a beta tester - and this Bata Product is not ready for Beta. It has several anomalies that are totally unacceptable..

First the good stuff. The concept is great - having the ability to send voice mail to GV is a wonderful thing. Having my GV number appear on my outgoing Ooma is wonderful. BUT - not being able to turn off the Ooma Voice Screening while using the GV extensions is nuts... making the entire GV extention unusable.

Ooma should reintroduce the Bata with an updated Bata version either without or with an option of Screening. The problem actually becomes imposable when you use a GV as your main number with forwarding to your Ooma, Cell Phone or any other number/device. The Ooma answers in the screening mode before the Cell can even ring...

I would more than happy to do additional Bata Testing.
#81239 by southsound
Thu May 12, 2011 11:55 am

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