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#78339 by southsound
Thu Mar 31, 2011 4:28 pm
And some have said that the resident raccoon is a little strange. The last couple posts really should change their perspective. :P
#78347 by southsound
Thu Mar 31, 2011 5:16 pm
#78350 by EA PA
Thu Mar 31, 2011 5:29 pm
OK, well its clear that you are over the top here, most likely left coast - Washington area is my guess - possibly Oregon, maybe a vintage MSFT type ...

I'm going to study this a bit, every man needs a project. Until then instead of mind control I'll just stick with Viagra :P . I'll respond appropriately soon.
#78356 by EA PA
Thu Mar 31, 2011 6:34 pm
OK, now you are treading on almost sacred dirt.

RF rooms are not “dirt” to me. In fact, candidly, I am a bit jealous…The room will provide attenuation from solar or man-made interference to our most precious electronic boxes. In your photo, notably absent is the presentation of OOMA telo. Telo should be proudly presented as the highlight of room décor. Based on the lack of Telo in the photo, I suspect your sincerity. However, the analysis continues;

You see, I not only have my safe room but I have recently installed MindGuard on my Telo. MindGuard is a program for ooma Telo systems that protects your mind by actively jamming and/or scrambling psychotronic mind-control signals -

A cheaper solution; An Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie (AFDB) is a type of headwear that can shield your brain from most electromagnetic psychotronic mind control carriers. AFDBs are inexpensive (even free if you don't mind scrounging for thrown-out aluminium foil) and can be constructed by anyone with at least the dexterity of a chimp (maybe bonobo). This cheap and unobtrusive form of mind control protection offers real security to the masses. Not only do they protect against incoming signals, but they also block most forms of brain scanning and mind reading, keeping the secrets in your head truly secret. AFDBs are safe and operate automatically. All you do is make it and wear it and you're good to go! Plus, AFDBs are stylish and comfortable.

and removing harmful engrammic pollutants from your brain. It also has the ability to scan for and decipher into English specific signals so you can see exactly Who wants to control you and what They are trying to make you think.

I am dubious of this claim. By definition, everyone who is anyone knows this is permanent;
en•gram (en′gram′)
1. BIOL. a hypothetical permanent change produced by a stimulus in the protoplasm of a tissue
2. PSYCHOL. a permanent effect produced in the psyche by stimulation, assumed in explaining persistence of memory

That said, I believe the AFDB headgear will do the trick!

MindGuard works by leveraging your ooma's aluminum-based innards

(dubious, never seen evidence of Al detecting or emitting a low budget shocking story - below)

to both detect and emit psychotronic energy

(huh? psy•cho•tron•ic (s k -tr n k)
Of or relating to a genre of film characterized by bizarre or shocking story lines, often shot on a low budget.

using advanced quasi-quantum techniques.

Based upon the arguments thus far that I suspect contain some technical inadequacy, I propose that your solution is suspect as well. Please ponder your solution to external mind control techniques.
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#78357 by AlpacaLips
Thu Mar 31, 2011 6:49 pm
Sorry to bring this back on topic, but it appears that my Caller ID is back to "hosed" status.

Up through 3/28 3:36 pm: Name, no number
3/29 9:06 am through 3/30 9:53 am: complete caller ID
3/30 1:13 pm through 3/30 8:00 pm: number, but no name!
3/31 5:37 to now: name, but no number (just like 3/17 - 3/28)

Maybe they're tinkering with it.

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