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#72130 by chadrph
Tue Jan 04, 2011 10:45 am
i talked to time warner last night and they checked their records and it shows everything ported correctly, they also reset all modem settings to make sure there was not any leftover commands from the old phone service stored in it. before they did that the phone would not ring in our house but the person calling would here a continuous ringing that would never goto voice mail. after the modem reset they now get the your call cannot be completed message.
#72421 by Jerry_NA
Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:14 am
I hope Norm Toy does not mind my translating his message for non-VOIP speaking customers. If you are receiving calls from everyone except for people who are all on one carrier (like Time-Warner) and you just switched (ported) from that same carrier, the problem is not with Ooma. The problem is most likely a database in the back end of that other carrier's system, not information that customer service normally sees. When you move (port) from another carrier, that company's computer automatically logs that your number is no longer active. That other company has to clear that database setting from their system or else all callers using that carrier will continue to get an incorrect "number not in service" message. This is not a problem that Ooma can fix. Your callers who are that other carrier's customers should call and complain they cannot get through to a working number. Presumably, that carrier will listen to a current paying customer faster than a complaint from a former customer or competitor. (Note that this problem seems to come up repeatedly in the Ooma forums, specifically with Time-Warner and Vonage. A well phrased search can find those other posts).
Everyone, especially Norm, please feel free to correct me if this attempt at translation has any errors. Hope this helps.

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