Telo Handset Installation Troubleshooting

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Telo Handset Installation Troubleshooting

Post by dynomite » Thu Nov 04, 2010 6:44 pm

Dear Ooma,

I have read the instructions here. I have called customer service. I have purchased many telo and telo handsets for family and friends.

However, recently, I wanted to reset the handset to a new tele device. No matter how I try to reset the tele handset, it will not register or autoregister or ask for a pin code.

I have done the *#*#191 on the tele device. I have power off. I have verified that the antennae light is blinking. But all I get is the searching on the handset. Left soft key + 0 does not work. Off first, then left+0, still nothing works.

When I try to set a new tele handset, I have no problems. Its reseting it to pair with another tele set that I have problems with. Its as if it wants to search the previous tele device.

Can someone please help? I have tried calling, but no success with the phillipino call center. :^(

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Re: Telo Handset Installation Troubleshooting

Post by murphy » Fri Nov 05, 2010 2:07 am

Press the red key until the handset turns off.
Press and hold the left soft key and the 0 key.
Press and release the red key.
Wait until the screen says Auto Registration.
Release the left soft key and the 0 key.
Press and hold the antenna (page) key on the Telo base until it starts to blink.
Enter the pin for the Telo you are registering it with. (Two Telos will have different pins).
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Re: Telo Handset Installation Troubleshooting

Post by BrokerDon » Fri Nov 05, 2010 6:43 pm


I was in the same situation with an "Open Box Reduced Price" Telo handset from Fry's Electronics in Anaheim... Until I found this post!


P.S. You should put this in your Support's FAQ's since other people are going to have this same problem... Especially the 3 people who buy the other 3 "Open Box Reduced Price" Telo handsets from Fry's Electronics Anaheim store... and that's just that ONE store!

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