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#64643 by southsound
Tue Sep 14, 2010 7:43 am
I'm a little confused about the "clips" so if you could snap a closeup of the wires and the back of the jack in both room and post them here it would be very helpful.
#64762 by tweissberg
Wed Sep 15, 2010 4:35 pm
Here are the pictures. In the top FoyerJack pix, you can see all the wires wrapped around the middle. I don't what to do with them, if anything. They appear to have been cut. They come out of wires against the wall, one of which may go to the office jack? I think I was confused when I brought up the "clip" issue, as the "clips" come from the wires attached to the phone jack and not from the those coming out of the wall. (You may notice that the green and red are active in the Foyer -- that's because we're still using the traditional land line until we solve this problem of relocating the Ooma to a more central spot or setting things up so we can plug a phone into a more central jack). In the photo below (OfficeJack) you see the green and red wires are active. The phone line in that photo is plugged in to the Ooma now, but the Ooma doesn't work and didn't work when the green and red wires were also active in the Foyer. It only worked when I wasn't using phone lines at all.

I fear my vocabulary isn't up to describing all of this. Hope it all makes sense.


#64786 by southsound
Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:42 pm
The pictures really help! What you want to do is connect the red and green wires (the ones with lugs) that are connected to the actual little jack to the yellow and black wires from the cable that goes between the rooms. One problem i see is that there don't seem to be any wires from a cable in the office phone box - just the wires that connect to the little jack. Is there a cable there hiding? If so, great - if not, then the jack is not even wired to anything and is of little use.

I'll assume that the wires are hiding either behind the jack or just not visible in the picture. You will want to connect the yellow and black wires from the cable (not the jack) to the screws. The black wire under one screw, the yellow under a different one. Connect the black ones to the red lead with a lug and connect the yellow ones to the green lead with a lug.

Now move out to the foyer. Unwrap the excess wires from around the jack (this is done to get the wire out of the way without cutting it). See how many yellow and black wires you have coming from cables (again, not the ones from the jack). You can connect all of the yellow's under one screw and all of black's under another if you have three or less - or you can fire up your ooma in the office, plug the wall jack into the PHONE port of the ooma, then try each foyer black/yellow pair until you find the right one. After connecting things up, you can take unused wires and wrap them around the base of the jack like the previous installer did.
#64871 by tweissberg
Thu Sep 16, 2010 5:59 pm
I tried it -- but no luck. There is a wire coming out of the office jack, but I can't follow where it goes -- it goes into the wall and I don't see where it comes out. I can't say with any confidence that it isn't cut off somewhere. It's a good thing you asked me to take a photo, or I wouldn't have known how to get the regular phone hooked up again.

Anyway, I think we're at square one. Let's assume there is no functioning phone jack near the cable/internet connection. Is there another way to boost the phone reception or add get a functioning ooma connection elsewhere in the apt so we can use the handset in all parts of the apartment? Thanks.

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