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#64687 by garrettabel
Tue Sep 14, 2010 6:57 pm
Hi, first of all, the setup was EASY. The OOMA is working fine, (calls in and out are fine using the OOMA provided numbers, voicemail, etc.). I went ahead a bought the "Premier Package" which is a whopping $10 per month, and now my wife's cell phone rings when the home phone rings, so I NEVER have to answer the home phone now... :-) As part of that bill OOMA is porting my comcast landline phone number over so that we don't have to let everyone know we have a new home phone number.

The Problem we are having is that the comcast phone line (from the comcast cable phone) is plugged into the wall outlet on the OOMA TELO, and when calls come in to our old number the phone will show "incoming call" but will not ring, and when I try to hit the answer button, nothing happens either.

I can make outbound calls. And still get inbound calls with this config, just no rings/or ability to answer calls from our old landline. (It does ring/forward when I call the OOMA provided number as I mentioned before.)

I've reset the Comcast modem, the router, and the OOMA, in every possible order, and the problem persists - any ideas on how to fix this? Is it something I selected when I first setup the OOMA? I was not sure if I should select VOIP or Landline, and I think I selected Landline, even though the Comcast Modem is both an internet and phone modem (seperate jacks for internet and phone).

Ooma did setup 2 new phone number/lines for me as part of the setup - is it possible that it views the 3rd line as over the plan or something?

Lastly, I tried to plug the OOMA directly into the Comcast Modem (to ensure quality of service, etc..), but it didn't seem to like that, but seems to be working just fine plugged into the router...(it seems to be working just fine though plugged into the router). We have a 20MBPS connection too (confirmed speed with speedtest, bandwidthplace, etc...)

I'm guessing once the phone ports from comcast we won't have an issue, but it would be nice to be able to take advantage of the OOMA fully while we wait.

#64692 by lbmofo
Tue Sep 14, 2010 7:55 pm
Not sure whether you are in landline integration mode (ooma device needs a dialtone from your existing service plugged into the wall port of ooma in order to work) or standalone mode (ooma works with nothing plugged into the wall port).

But since you got a ooma number, you are probably in standalone mode.

In this mode, you don't want to plug anything into the wall port of ooma.

I'd go ahead and put the ooma device between the modem and the router. Forward your comcast phone to the ooma number (*72 xxx xxx-xxxx) and start using ooma that way. Before the port completes, your outgoing callerid will reflect your ooma number; this is the only draw back.

Your cable modem/phone integrated device must have battery backup; take out the battery to fully shut down comcast modem. Put ooma between the cable modem and the router. Power up the cable modem (put the battery back in), wait for it to come online, then power up ooma, wait until it turns blue, then power up the router.
#64716 by ntoy
Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:50 am

Yes, as mentioned by Ibmofo, the wall port is ignored for the most part with nonlandline configuration. Ooma can provide a maximum of 2 lines with premier.

Some options would be:

-Wait for your number port to complete
-If you have call forward feature with Comcast, you can forward your calls to your current Ooma number
-Keep a phone plugged into your physical wall jack that has the active Comcast line until number port completes
#64773 by highq
Wed Sep 15, 2010 6:39 pm
What makes you say that by "not working with Ooma support", you will be "keeping costs down"? I've never heard of Ooma support sending out any bills for its services.

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