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#64165 by habidat
Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:46 am
Hi - thanks in advance for any help.

Yesterday I suddenly had no dial tone on my phone (it's a regular corded office phone on my desk).

Calls are coming in fine, but go to voice mail after 3-4 rings (the phone itself does not ring, but when I call from my cell, the ooma number rings 3-4 times before voice mail picks up). Obviously, I cannot make outgoing calls.

The scout is on my desk too and I can see the "Line 1" light go on as the call comes in, then I hear the answering message from voice mail pick up. I can check and delete voice mail from the scout with no problem. The brightness is all the way up and I can see that the "do not disturb" button is NOT on.

The hub also shows a blue light and appears to be working fine.

The setup.ooma.com shows:

Your ooma Network is Connected (MY NAME)
Internet: Connected
Ooma Core: Connected
Phone Line: Disconnected

Ooma Services
Phone Setup: Your phone line is configured for the ooma network
Second Line: Enabled
Voice Mail: Enabled

Device status shows everything connected and running.

- I checked and double-checked all the connections: everything is secure, all little plastic tabs on the ends of the cords are present and accounted for.
- I tried changing the phone cords from the scout to the phone and from the hub to the scout - still no dial tone, same behavior with incoming calls.
- I tried swapping out to another phone - still no dial tone, same behavior with incoming calls.

There are 3 other ooma phones set up in the office (other accounts) and they are all working fine. Internet connection is also working fine.

Anything else to try?


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