Incoming calls from Google Voice don't ring my Ooma

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Incoming calls from Google Voice don't ring my Ooma

Post by Magnus » Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:56 am

This morning I noticed that calls I place from Google Voice (GV) wouldn't ring my Ooma phones, even though I could hear the "ring" on the line from the phone I was using to call the Ooma number.

I held the line wondering if it would switch to voicemail, BUT, after what seemed to be nearly two minutes, my Ooma phone finally started to ring. I answered it, and it was my call!

The short story... I call my Ooma line using GV. After approximately two minutes listening to the ringing from the calling phone, the Ooma phone finally rang through.

It's been this way all day. If I call my Ooma number using my cell phone, it rings through right away.

Any ideas? I'm posting in the GV forums, but my scenario seems unique.

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Re: Incoming calls from Google Voice don't ring my Ooma

Post by murphy » Wed Sep 08, 2010 10:08 am

Google recently opened up calling to gmail users. They claim that over 1 million calls were made the first day. It's quite possible that you are waiting for them to find an available line before they can connect your call. A classic phone company would give you an all trunks busy error message in this case.
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