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#60849 by bmccollum
Wed Jul 28, 2010 7:18 am
My parents have had both telephone service and DSL service provided for numerous years at their home via AT&T.

They just purchased & installed an Ooma Telo device. They've submitted a request to have their long-standing home # ported from AT&T to Ooma.

Once that's done, I'd ideally like to drop over to their house & connect the Ooma device to their wall jack in order to distribute the dial tone throughout their entire home to all of their phone jacks.

I did this easily at our house a few weeks ago w/our new Ooma Telo, but it was a different scenario since we have Cable broadband service and not DSL.

I've read some info. on Line1 + Line2 splitters and other stuff, but I'm still unclear as to how (once their home phone # is successfully ported to Ooma from AT&T) to safely distribute the dial tone from Ooma into a wall jack located near the Ooma as to get the dial tone to all other jacks in their house. Their DSL service will of course switch over to a dry-loop DSL after the porting is complete, but what I can find on here doesn't seem to state that you can just simply connect a phone cord from the "Phone" port on the Ooma Telo to a wall jack w/the fact in play that the DSL service is coming into the house via that same wall jack.

Any specific step-by-step instructions / info. on how to accomplish what I'm desiring to accomplish would be greatly appreciated!
#60856 by BeachGirl
Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:06 am
I have this exact same question and situation. I've been using the first version of Ooma for a year now and just got the telo upgrade. When I had my DSL dry loop configured they installed a faceplate with two jack connections and rewired the second connection with the green data pair of wires for the DSL.

In my network box from the phone company the original wires (blue pair) has the plug that was providing both DSL and phone unplugged now.

The jacks in the house are all wired to the single phone faceplate with blue and orange pairs.

So - I plugged in the Ooma telo - and everything works fine.

But I plugged in a phone into several of the house jacks and "nothing".

So - do I need a splitter?
Or - should I plug in the connection in my network interface box - do the lines need some sort of power to work?
Or - give up?

My issue is that the telo handsets don't have a great enough reach from where I have the telo located and I like where it is located so I would just use regular phones in those locations.
#60859 by southsound
Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:22 am

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