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#58637 by jwalker
Sat Jun 26, 2010 6:04 am
I am switching from another VOIP provider and removed their box and put the OOMA Telo box in it's place. I am set up Internet->Modem->Ooma->Router->computers. My router is an Apple Airport Extreme.

The OOMA device works fine, however I am getting a "Double NAT" conflict error in my router that states, "This AirPort wireless device has a private IP address on its Ethernet WAN port. It is connected to a device or network that is using Network Address Translation (NAT) to provide private IP addresses. You should change your AirPort wireless device from using DHCP and NAT to bridge mode".

I use my router set to share a single public ip address using DHCP/NAT. I do this because I assign specific DHCP Reservations via the MAC addresses of my devices due to a specific network configuration. Changing it to "bridge mode" would obviously eliminate that option.

Obviously I could change the configuration to Internet->Modem->Router->Ooma and all would be ok (and have temporarily as I seek resolution). I am a heavy consumer of data and am concerned about call quality in that configuration since the OOMA device would be competing for internet bandwidth with the rest of the network. Is that a real concern? Should I just leave it like this since that is easiest solution?

Or is there a way to keep the OOMA device ahead of the router and simply pass traffic through to my router (essentially have the OOMA device serve as the bridge?
#58645 by Groundhound
Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:22 am
You can't turn off Ooma's DHCP/NAT, only limit the start and end addresses to the same so the router is always assigned the same IP. If you then put the IP assigned to the router by Ooma into Ooma's DMZ and ignore the warning does everything work?
#58647 by jwalker
Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:35 am
Hmm. I think I understand, but want to clarify. I have read about DMZ, but not clear on what it is. Can you clarify what is DMZ? I saw the setting in advanced in ooma settings.

Let's say that I want my router to have IP address: Are you saying that I would set the DHCP start, DHCP end and the DMZ all to be And then Ooma would assign to my router all the time and then my router could take that and it would assign addresses out to the devices on the network?

Hope that makes sense. I am not an expert here by any means - just know enough to be dangerous!

Thanks for your help!

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