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#54674 by smileybri
Mon May 03, 2010 4:22 pm
I hate to say it, but I think Ooma sucks. Stay away if you are not already invested.

I was going to upgrade to Premier and after filling in the order details and credit card, I now can't even view the Account and Add On pages in My Omma!

Really! I have been a little miffed that call forwarding is not part of the basic service, now it seems sending audio files in notifications no longer works. These things make me regret that I ever invested in the Ooma device at all. Then I thought, okay I am just being cheap, try Ooma Premier again for a month and take advantage of what it offers and see if it is worth it.

I can't even pay Ooma for Premier without the Website flipping out which reminds me how dissatisfied I have been the whole time. Not just because of the above but the fact that I have to power cycle my Hub sometimes weekly to keep the phone line functioning.

You all were giving that Vonage customer a hard time with how he was trying to compare the cost of the service, well if I am going to give a company money every month, I think Vonage will get my future business. I have enjoyed not paying for phone service for this line, but I certainly think Vonage works better than Ooma ever has, and I am considering switching back.

I would rather just try premier first as that would be cheaper, but OH YEAH! I CAN'T BECAUSE OOMA SUCKS!
#54677 by southsound
Mon May 03, 2010 4:36 pm
Several others have said that they were having trouble with the website regarding billing/upgrades - but this does not mean that the only reason I bought ooma isn't still being taken care of quite nicely. If you really want to upgrade to Premier, can I ask why? It seems like you have already decided that the company/service/everything sucks. I would not throw good money after bad. As to the need to reboot, have you made the change on the Network tab of to use the built-in MAC address? This usually takes care of the problem.

On the other hand, my ooma phone service has been stellar for about 15 months now. If you like ooma, why not try to do the upgrade over the phone? Customer support can take care of it easily. You can call them at 888 711-6662.
#54682 by smileybri
Mon May 03, 2010 4:48 pm
I apparently needed to log out of my ooma and back in to stop getting the website errors. I know Ooma is no AT&T, but they should at least step through their own Website and fix errors like that. It just isn't acceptable to have the Website break like that. Like I said though I logged out and back in and problem solved.

Now, I am very interested in trying to resolve the need to reboot constantly. You mention "" but that does not resolve to a Website and I have no "Network" tab in My Ooma. Would you care to be more specific as to where I might find these settings?


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