Need extra help installing your Ooma Hub or Telo system? Let us know.
#49724 by truston
Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:21 am
This is slightly embarrassing; it turned out to be quite simple. There was another house phone that I'd forgotten about, connected in my wife's office, and it had been knocked off hook. Back in cradle, everything works fine. I like it when it's easy... ;-)
#49839 by mark66
Sun Mar 07, 2010 9:24 pm
Can the dial tone be distributed throughout the home using Core also? ooma site mentions only telo.

I found two network interface boxes outside my home - one seems to be from cable company (I had phone service from cable company) and the other from phone company(may be installed for previous owner). I am assuming I just need to disconnect only phone jack in the cable NIB, as that should be the only one connected to home phone network. Sine cable company has cancelled the phone service, there is no dial tone in the home phone network now.

Also I found an ARRIS box (looks like a battery pack) connected to a power outlet in the basement and the power cord had a "Do Not Remove" tag. Once someone unplugged it by mistake and within a day, we lost the dial tone from all phone jacks inside the house. Could this be a battery backup for the phone line (since the NIB from cable company is also an ARRIS box) for the phone service from cable company? Should I unplug that also before trying to distribute the ooma dial tone through home network? Not sure if that backup is just for phone or for cable internet also (I am still using broadband internet from the same cable company)

If you distribute the dial-tone over home network, which ooma features will you lose? Will the scouts continue to work?
#50072 by ktinca
Wed Mar 10, 2010 8:54 am
#50373 by jiankanyang
Sat Mar 13, 2010 9:14 pm

One question/clarification: the dial tone distribution throughout the home wiring can be done with either Ooma hub (no Scout) or Telco, is that correct?

#50374 by southsound
Sat Mar 13, 2010 9:27 pm
#50425 by jiankanyang
Sun Mar 14, 2010 11:57 am
Thanks for the guidance. Yes, I meant "Telo".

I currently have ATT Uverse for internet, cable, and phone. The Uverse has a single box, with a RJ11 wire plugging into the wall jack, and it generates the dial tone for the whole house.

I am assuming the setup for Ooma hub would be the same: plug the Wall port of Ooma hub into a wall jack, and I should have dial tone throughout the house. Is that correct?

#50428 by highq
Sun Mar 14, 2010 1:00 pm
Wrong assumption.

The Wall port is for an existing landline which you have told Ooma to integrate. It feeds nothing, it is an incoming port.

The Phone port is outgoing, and can feed your existing jacks, but don't do it unless you have severed the connection from WHAT USED TO FEED those jacks, namely your prior landline company.
#50446 by jiankanyang
Sun Mar 14, 2010 6:55 pm
Woops! Glad I asked! I thought wall port is an out going port.

If I do not hear a dial tone, can I assume the home wiring with the current landline company is cut?
#50449 by lbmofo
Sun Mar 14, 2010 8:33 pm
Thank you SouthSound and others for lots of great info.

I have cable internet and now in the process of porting my number from Verizon.

Once port is complete, I plan to disconnect Verizon from the NIB, and feedback my Hub's "wall" + "phone" to the house wiring so that my dish receivers can dial out and my scout(s) can work.

Since I have an alarm system (with line seizure through RJ-31 I am sure), I need to feedback the signal directly to the alarm or to the NIB.

I was thinking about feeding back to line 2 and then connecting line 1 to line 2 at the NIB. That would enable the alarm to complete dialing out during an alarm event even when it invokes line seizure since seizure is done to line 1 only?

If my logic is correct and I can connect line 1 to line 2 at the NIB, how would I go about doing that? Just connect the modular ports up using a short telephone cord?

On the feedback to line 2 part, I have some wall plates with both line 1 and line 2 ports and some wall plates with just 1 port (connected to line 1 if I plug in a phone). If I feedback to one of these single port wall plates, can I plug in a 2 line "T" adapter and feedback to L2 of the adapter?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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