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#4896 by referralqueen
Tue Mar 17, 2009 10:47 pm
I have been Ooma's biggest fan telling the whole world to get onboard. After activating my line I have now convinced my mother-in-law to buy ooma. But, I have now spent over 12 hours trying to get ooma to work at her house. Each call I am onhold for at least 30 minutes before tech support answers and ultimately they tell me I'm set only to have my router/internet go down and ooma go from blue to blinking red. I'm embarrassed and close to returning her ooma. I cannot keep ooma blue and unplug the ethernet from Ooma home to the computer. She loses all connections.

I don't know if I have Ooma in front or behind my integrated modem/router by Netgear. I set her house up the same as mine:
Phone Jack--Ooma splitter--1 line to modem/router--1 line to ooma wall--ethernet from modem/router to ooma modem--phone connected to phone on ooma. (ethernet from laptop to ooma home only to go to

This is an AT&T DSL with landline until port complete and switch to AT&T DSL Direct without landline. Same as our house, but without the Netgear router.

Ooma suport says we're set, netgear say's it's ooma's problem, and we only get the blue tab for a moment until we diconnect the laptop from ooma's home.

Please help -- I'm losing all credibility here, not to mention hours of my life I can never get back.
#4907 by oomg
Wed Mar 18, 2009 6:11 am
#4909 by WayneDsr
Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:16 am
Just in case you haven't done this:
Run the hub by itself with NO WALL connection. (Scout will not work or course). The idea here is to disconnect the hub from any other connection other than the modem/router and your phone. DSL sometimes messes with the signal in the WALL plug.
If everything works, then plug the Scout in right next to the hub. Connect the hub from the hub WALL directly into the Scout WALL.

If everything works then you have a dsl problem with your house wiring.
Let me know what happens after these tests.


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