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#43029 by Pierre!
Thu Jan 21, 2010 1:54 pm
Okay, I searched around and didn't see anything close to my need...

I started out with just the Hub, my old 775 area code Reno Nevada phone number ported to it after the Premier account was setup AND adde local 520 area code Tucson AZ phone number on it - Worked just fine!

Lost my job, setup my home office - Used the original Tucson AZ 520 area code number, added a second 520 number, and added the Scout.

I left the second 520 line and the 775 line on the Hub in Shared mode.
I added the first/original 520 number to the scout and it's a personal device for the Office

I need the Scout to multi-ring on my business line only, the original 520 number

There is no phone company involved. The Hub and Scout sit next to each other and are connected with the ooma supplied white phone cord from the wall port on the Hub to the wall port onthe Scout.

I have successfully multi-ringed from the hub, but can't find any documentation on making hit happen from the Scout.

Enlighten me Wizards!
Thanks in Advance!
#43030 by murphy
Thu Jan 21, 2010 1:57 pm
If the scout is a personal device with it's own phone number, log into my.ooma using that phone number and configure it. You assigned the password when you created the personal device.

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