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#4661 by kagy
Sat Mar 14, 2009 8:35 am
I may have stumbled across something that has greatly alleviated my busy signal problem. I began suspecting that this might be a bandwidth problem, since it mainly happened in the evening, when internet usage was at its greatest. I used a speed test web site to check my up and download speeds, and sure enough, my upload speeds were in the toilet! I was getting speeds like 200 Kbps, which is pure garbage. I have cable internet, and was getting speeds more in line with dial up!

Important to note, this was only when I was on the phone. When I wasn't using the phone, speeds were normally above 3000 Kbps, sometimes well above that number. So, I'm not entirely certain why I was getting busy signals even though I wasn't on the phone at the time, but it may be that just the act of trying to call into the house was enough to sap the bandwidth.

I went to Ooma's QoS section and set the upload speed to zero, rather than the default setting of 300+ which was in there. Immediately my problems with bandwidth went away. I called a friend, who was having dropped calls and voice quality issues with Ooma and suggested he run the same tests. Sure enough, his results were identical, and configuring his download speed to zero did the same for him.

A pity I had to stumble across this on my own, rather than Ooma's technical support coming up with some kind of answer after six weeks. I almost gave up the ghost and took the hardware back to Costco, but it seems now that I have a workable solution. Maybe...

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