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#39602 by kris
Thu Dec 31, 2009 5:14 pm
Just installed my new Telo. Unbelievably easy, and FAST. Took about 30 seconds to upload, I could make calls right away. Very cool!! My setup is this: cable modem--Telo--Apple Time Machine (wireless router). I plugged my wireless base station and handset into the Telo. In the kitchen, I plugged an old corded phone into the jack for AT&T connection. I elected a temporary number from ooma, because I want to port the AT&T number and kiss them goodbye. Called my sister and got a clear call. Called ooma handset from AT&T successfully, but ooma phone would not call AT&T number (dead line sound).

Question 1: Is my landline supposed to be able to receive calls while I'm waitng for the port? If so, wonder why that doesn't work? Do you have to get a call from outside your house--haven't tried that yet, but will next.

Question2: On the My Ooma site, I want to port my number. I see the offer to upgrade to Premier to avoid the porting charge.
First of all, the upgrade is $120 (I thought Premier was $99). Secondly, I have the 6 months free Premier with my Telo purchase. Would the upgrade add an additional year? Maybe i should just bite the $40 port charge, and wait to see if the Premier service is what I really need or want. Guess I answered my own question! Except--how much does Premier really cost??
#39615 by kris
Thu Dec 31, 2009 5:52 pm
Thanks for the reply. I don't have the Telo plugged into the wall (just into the modem) and I don't have an ooma handset. After the initial euphoria, I'm now having this issue: the Telo seems to stop working (goes to red blinking) every few minutes. I can tell because all at once, my internet connection won't work. First time, I unplugged everything and restarted, successfully. the next time, just unplugged the Telo and plugged it back in--it goes through its cycle and reboots--and I'm back online.
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