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#39227 by 07pilot4me
Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:37 pm
Hello all, just signed up for a year of premier and wanted to port phone number that is currently attached to my DSL.

my DSL provider is ATT and after much debate, i have decided to keep my Core (hub/scout) package

when i call ATT i should ask them to???

get me a second phone number and attach the DSL to that number?? can this number + dsl also be made into a line 1 number so dont have to swith phone jacks????

i guess i am asking what i specifically need to ask the ATT rep in order to have a seamless number port, i.e. when my number ports, my DSL is not automatically discontinued...

thanks in advance :D
#39234 by 07pilot4me
Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:51 pm
just got off the line with ATT rep. she said the option i mentioned above would incur a $125 fee for establishing a new line of service + losing my $10/ month retention offer for DSL service (i guess a 12 month contract was with that) + $50 for canceling the DSL.

option2 which was porting the number and when ported the dsl cancels would incur: $50 termination fee of DSL + losing the $10/month DSL discount i had + waiting for 5 days to establish new service/dsl

both options stink!!! any of you previous ATT/SBC employees know a runaround to what i want done??

#39325 by amoney
Wed Dec 30, 2009 5:48 pm
Ever consider Cable for internet access.

Or why not just order a second DSL line/account... once installed and active, PORT away the other number to Ooma. Note this is just an assumption of simple facts there very well may be other fine print issues that I may very well be possibly over looking. I dont see why not in my experience but things can vary from location to location.
#39506 by 07pilot4me
Thu Dec 31, 2009 11:41 am
thanks for the response/tips

seems ATT has gotten "smart" and added a few hoops to jump in order to accomplish my goal. at the very least, these hoops will cost me $50 (early termination of 12 month DSL contract) PLUS loss of $10/ month retention discount.

I am at month number 1 for both the contract and the discount. :(

paying $25/month DSL with the elite service with discount (normally $35/month) and a dry loop starts at $45 i believe

when weighing wether to port the number, the costs tilts towards KEEPING THE NUMBER with ATT. i can live with this ;)

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