Need extra help installing your Ooma Hub or Telo system? Let us know.
#3776 by Carl
Sun Mar 01, 2009 1:14 pm

Since you have access to the panel, you could remove the incoming line from the panel and then the wires that go to the jack location you want your hub, then connect them (essentially moving your incoming line to one location in your apartment). Connect the jack to the splitter like I did and then run the other cable to the next closest phone jack to the hub. At the panel remove the wires that are coming from that second jack and move them to the main incoming section of the panel. Then you can connect scout to other locations in your apartment. It's not the most elegant solution but I think it would work temporarily until you get your number ported. Hope that made sense, basically you're just modifying what I did.
#3801 by Carl
Mon Mar 02, 2009 3:33 am
Just because you have punchdowns doesn't mean you can't change things. Pull off the wires needed and twist them together at the panel, wrap in electrical tape...I didn't say it would be elegant...this is just temporary.

1) You're bypassing your panel and extending your incoming telco line to the wall jack location where you have your hub. Plug the ooma splitter into the WALL jack of your hub. Connect the incoming telco line to one port of that splitter.
2) Connect the other port of the splitter to the next nearest wall jack in your apartment. Find the wires of this jack on your punchdown panel and remove them.
3) Move the wires you just removed to the location where incoming telco service goes.

#3828 by Carl
Mon Mar 02, 2009 3:05 pm
Check out my link again and see how mine is set up. One cord of the hub's wall port splitter is for incoming telco and the other goes to your punchdown panel, I cannot say this any clearer.
#7891 by joey
Fri Apr 17, 2009 7:00 pm
I finally decided to hook my scout up through my phone lines and it took a few hours to resolve the problems. I thought I might contribute my experience here.

I have (for a few more days) naked DSL (aka DSL only, no voice). The house wiring was never used before for POTS. When I plugged in the Scout I got all 4 red lights. In may case there problem resulted in three separate issues, all courtesy of Qwest when they installed my DSL line.

1) The DMARK was wired with DSL on brown instead of blue.

2) The internal junction box had frogs (those capacitor looking clips) hooked up to reverse the house wiring to match the DMARK but reversed this to send DSL on the 1st pair to the jack where the DSL modem, and ooma hub, was.

3) The jack were the modem and hub were had a frog shorting brown and blue (i.e. a non-standard setup).

All this in a house that I build 5 years ago in which the phone system had never been used and only Qwest had touched to connect everything.

Anyway, life is dandy now with my scout working. Lessons learned:

1) Start at the DMARK!
2) Check the connection at the internal junction and tone the jacks you want to use
3) Pull the faceplate off the jacks you want to use to ensure they are wired correctly.


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