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#33397 by wtnixon
Sun Nov 15, 2009 8:27 pm
Well, the pins are out. Firstly, you have to reset your Telo after being off to update it. Then, hit the antenna button on the Telo and go to the menu, handset settings, and register handset. The update only supports 1 handset. Surprise again! Still no online phone list as advertised. The quality sure doesn't sound "high definition." I'm totally disappointed in this and feel ripped off. $50 is WAY TOO MUCH for this! Boo....
#33406 by Wiz_Bang
Sun Nov 15, 2009 8:52 pm
Ha Ha and you expected it to be something better. Take a look at Oomas' track record, this is no surprise to me. The speaker phone is a piece of junk just like the handset. I will be returning mine within 30 days back to Best Buy! Even when I can get a call to go through they end up getting dropped/disconnected. Better yet they go through but I can't hear anything on my end so I call back my buddy and he tells me "I'm talking" but I can't hear him. Hell I don't even realize the call went through since I hear NOTHING!

OH yeah and you can forget about *82 getting fixed with this release as indicated in notes. Its still broken/blocking my outgoing calls.
#33418 by costanzo98031
Sun Nov 15, 2009 9:15 pm
Here’s an update since installing the latest firmware:

1. Battery Status - Fixed. Though I am not sure if it is correctly reporting the battery life, it did resolve the issue with the level staying the same

2. Sound quality has dramaticly improved

3. Only one handset can be paired at this time - No change, but this is now clearly stated on the website

4. Time is incorrectly displayed for 12:00AM - Haven't checked

6. Phone Book does not work. No change, but this is clearly stated on the website

7. Phone is not responsive at times when pressing keys - Fixed

8. handset now operates at further range.

-----Now that I have a PIN to register the phone and use, I can say I am very disappointed!

The quality of the handset is horrible! The range is not great and the firmware seams very problematic. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!

I feel this phone handset was rushed and poorly rolled out. Perhaps the firmware was also rushed.

Here are my initial observations:

1. Battery Status does not work. The charge status displays the same level, even though being left on the charger over night.
2. Sound quality is very poor. Sound cuts in and out and gets worse as you get farther way from the base. A noticeable feedback is present during calls. Calls get dropped. I have used other VOIP services, such as Vonage, Skype and SIP with excellent results. This has to be one of the worse phones I have used in years!
3. Only one handset can be paired at this time. A future update will resolve this but for now the other phones have to remain off.
4. Time is incorrectly displayed for 12:00AM. It displays 12:00PM
5. Phone easily pickups scratches and smudges.
6. Phone Book does not work. Even though you can populate your contacts online, they do not download to the phone
7. Phone is not responsive at times when pressing keys
8. NO - this is not a defective phone. I have three phones, all produce the same results
9. Production quality of equipment seams subpar. The first base unit I purchased had to be returned because a loose part was rattling inside. I am now waiting for the phone number I signed up on the first device to be moved over to the new equipment. Was told this could take up to 72 hours.

I plan to see if the next firmware release resolves the issues I outlined above. If not, I will return the equipment and ask ooma to refund me my premier subscription.
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#33421 by lewienmax
Sun Nov 15, 2009 9:23 pm
I registered my handset and the quality was extremely POOR. It sounds like an AM radio station!!!

I am hesitant to open the other two handsets to see if this is a defective product but since others have posted the same results, I am hoping that a firmware update will resolve the very POOR quality with the reception. The other thing that appears to be an issue is that I am no longer able to get into the handsets menu options since it was registered with the TELO?!?!?!? Are others having this issue as well?

The TELO works GREAT with my current ATT home phone system so I know it is not the TELO and it is just the handsets.

If anyone is able to resolve the poor quality of the handset please let me know.

#33431 by costanzo98031
Sun Nov 15, 2009 9:39 pm
Device Status - Rev: 1.30241 is what is displayed... So it appears the latest firmware hasn't made it down yet.
#33433 by Wiz_Bang
Sun Nov 15, 2009 9:51 pm
Powered off the Telo and handset and double checked the firmware. I have the latest version of it. I am at least happy to report I can now unblock my outgoing caller ID after rebooting them both. I am not happy with the overall call volume levels. I can barely hear the other person with it cranked all the way up, and the person on the other end told I sound like I'm talking in a well. I feel for $50.00 this handset should perform a lot better. Overall the product has NOT performed as expected, and I will at least give it the 30 return period to wait improvement.

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