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#31004 by TCroly
Tue Nov 03, 2009 6:00 pm
My primary land line has two phone numbers. One is the main number and the other is an "ALTERNATE RING" number. So I have only one phone line that is rung from two separate numbers. Can I port both these numbers to Ooma and ring just the hub or would one number have to be ported to the hub and one to the scout? (I don't care about maintaining the alternate ring, but some people have my home number and others have my "office" alternate ring number)

What I want to do is have a new number for the scout (for my roommate) and use the 2 current numbers ring only the Hub. This would allow me to get rid of 2 land lines instead of just one.
#31060 by TCroly
Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:09 am
Thanks for the explanation and please correct me if I got this wrong:

I should port my "alternate ring" number to my Ooma hub fist and after that is complete, initiate porting my landline's primary number to my Ooma with the instruction to also port this number to my Ooma hub, I am assuming there will be an additional ($39.99) porting fee. And there will be an additional $4.99/mo fee. My scout can be activated with a newly assigned number.

Or, I guess I could have my first number ported to the hub and my alternate ring number ported to my scout and pay one $39.99 fee and no additional monthly fee. My roomate could buy his own Ooma and get his own number with no additional ongoing fees unless he wants premium features. Is there any issue with having 2 Ooma hubs connected to one 5Mbs cable internet connection?

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