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#26373 by cjones78
Thu Oct 15, 2009 7:20 am
I am in the process of getting my number ported to Ooma. I submitted my number porting information on the website on October 8th and received an email with the LOA immediately. However, I've yet to receive an email with an estimated date for the number port that I was supposed to receive within 5 business days. I happened to find out that the estimated date for number porting will be October 22nd when I called CS about a billing issue. I am hoping to receive an official confirmation email that the port will definitely take place on the 22nd, as well as the emails that are supposed to be received on the day of the number port.

I did find something strange though. My husband's name is on our current provider's (Comcast) phone bill, and I am porting the number to an Ooma account in my name. When I was filling out the number port application on the website, it asked for the name on current provider's bill, so I entered my husband's name. When I received the email with the LOA attached, the greeting was "Dear Patrick" (my husband's name). And when I was on the phone with CS, they were unable to find the number port status under my name, so I asked him to check under Patrick and there it was. I am hoping this whole name thing isn't what is screwing up me receiving the emails. And I am REALLY hoping it doesn't screw up the number porting process!
#26446 by nwin
Thu Oct 15, 2009 11:42 am
I just did the same thing (phone bill is in my father's name while ooma account is in my name) a few days ago. So far, I have only received the LOA copy. I don't think there will be any problems since CS instructed me to fill out the form in much the same way cjones did. The CS rep actually made it seem like this was a common issue. Anyway, I hope both of our ports go through on-time and correctly. Keep us posted.
#26454 by murphy
Thu Oct 15, 2009 12:02 pm
The data on the LOA form must match the account information that the phone company you are porting from has in their records or they don't have to do anything. Also if you have put a porting lock on your phone number, you must remove it or the port will not go through.
#26498 by ntoy
Thu Oct 15, 2009 2:39 pm

In reviewing your account, your Letter of Agreement(LOA) was submitted to our carrier & we have a Requested Due Date(RDD) of 10/22. Our Porting team is working very hard to process many requests. It maybe that they are a little behind & the email notifications are backing up. Other thing I can think of is that the email may have gone to your spam or junk folder?
#26517 by cjones78
Thu Oct 15, 2009 3:53 pm
Thank you for the reply, ntoy! I just checked my spam folder and it was empty, so I guess the email notifications must be a little behind. I am sure things are pretty busy with the recent release of the Telo. Thanks again for checking my account and confirming the RDD of 10/22.

Also, I suppose there are no problems having different names being on the bill with our current provider and on the Ooma account?
#26602 by scucura
Fri Oct 16, 2009 3:57 am
Maybe this will ease your mind a little... When I ported my number to OOMA I had a different name on the OOMA account than the one on the Bell South account I was porting. This did not seem to be an issue with the OOMA rep I spoke with. An issue I ran into, however, the was delayed by several weeks because I was initially told by the OOMA rep that since my Bell South account was paid automatically, electronically, and I did not have any copies of an actual bill I could simply provide the complete account number in lieu of the bill. After I submitted the request as directed and waiting a month for the port to complete I called back to OOMA and learned the truth, a copy of the bill is needed. I then called Bell South and setup web access to the account and downloaded a copy of a bill... a frustrating process in itself! The port took about two weeks from that point and was ultimately successful.
#82680 by esl537
Fri Jun 03, 2011 1:43 pm
I started the number port today and came across the same problem- my wife's name is on the current phone bill while my name is on the ooma account. I called up customer service after I had set the port process in motion. The customer rep told me that the important match to be made is the name on the current phone bill and the LOA, which for me/us, it does. So I was told I would have no problems.

But just to be sure, I grilled the rep on whether my name on the ooma account not matching either the current phone bill or the LOA would matter. He unequivocally said, "No, it will not matter."

So I expect it should be smooth sailing from here.
#82682 by lbmofo
Fri Jun 03, 2011 2:14 pm
Yes, you are fine. FYI, outgoing callerid would be provisioned using the name in your Ooma account profile.

Technically, you can even port in your mother in-law's number (even a complete stranger for that matter) as long as you had her permission and she gives you a copy of her phone bill for you to sumbit to the winning carrier.

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