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#2639 by Buggy222
Thu Feb 05, 2009 8:27 pm
I have a two line household with 2 line phones throughout the house. Line 1 (L1) is the phone number we give everyone for calling us. Line 2 (L2) is what we use to dial out so as to keep L1 free. L2 currently has an unlimited LD plan with Cox.

I just installed Ooma to see how well it will work as a replacement for L2. Hub is configured to integrate with landline (L1), and I disconnected L2 from Cox as it entered the house, and instead plugged the Hub phone jack into line 2 house wiring. I plugged the hub wall jack into my house line 1 wiring (which still has L1 landline service)

I have my old L2 number being forwarded to an Ooma assigned number (4008), and have my Hub as a non-shared device associated with 4008. My scout is a shared device and therefore associates with L1 and the digital recording works for L1 which is where I want it.

It seems to be working well right now, but I am looking ahead to what to do when I drop L2 service from Cox.

I plan to keep my L1 landline and "port" my L2 number to Ooma but I am a bit concerned about how this will work. My best case would be if Ooma would port my L2 number over in place of 4008, and leave everything else unchanged. I realize I will have to call Ooma to make this change for me and am concerned that Ooma will want to tie my account to the L2 ported number. If they do require that, will I still connect my L1 landline into the hub wall socket? If I do still connect it, will digital answering machine still work on L1? Will I have to have Ooma premier and associate the scout with L2?

Any advice from the experienced would be appreciated.

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