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#19224 by JohnAx
Mon Sep 07, 2009 10:47 am
Home network ends up at a Netgear FVS124G that allows two WANs. One is cable, the other is Verizon DSL.

I use the Netgear box in its "load balancing" mode, in which it puts traffic on both WANs at its whim, but I can easily manage that by type, e.g. if I want to get all my email from one ISP I can specify that connection for pop3.

Since people always ask, Ooma connects directly to Netgear, which serves it an IP address (defaulted to FWIW it's a high-performance router in their 'business' category.

My problem:

Ooma seems to work fine when only the cable is connected. When DSL is connected I can initiate calls and I can hear the callee, but he can't hear me.

Q1: Since I can direct Netgear to connect specific services to a specific WAN, what "service" does ooma use? If necessary I can define a new service and associate it with a port, if I knew the number.

Q2: What's with the Verizon DSL problem? Their modem is managed, but afaik I've left it at defaults settings. Do they discriminate against VOIP?
#19261 by JohnAx
Mon Sep 07, 2009 3:48 pm
niknak, I think your comment about DSL and HPNA is only a Scout issue. The WAN just carries ethernet/IP packets, not special ooma signals. Telco may have their own out-of-band signalling but it will be designed not to interfere with IP packets.
#19263 by JohnAx
Mon Sep 07, 2009 4:04 pm
And thanks to groundhog and thbjr for the link, although it doesn't address my problem. The Netgear box is playing nicely and passing all those ports, since the system works fine on the cable WAN.

What I need is a way to make a simple rule that lets it recognize ooma traffic and restrict it to the cable WAN. The built-in rules are generally a well-known port and a protocol, e.g. TCP on port 80 = http.

Alternately, understanding the DSL/Verizon issue might help. I double-checked and I hadn't accidentally set up the Netgear box in some way that discriminated.

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