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#110894 by lbmofo
Wed Jun 12, 2013 12:04 pm
The green cable you have going to modem looks thick. Are you using a phone cord?

Also, in your opened up jack, I am wondering why the orange-white is connected to the black instead of the yellow terminal and why the white-orange is connected to the yellow instead of the black terminal. Even if the jack is wired backwards for the second pair, your modem should have fired up online when you had the orange pair's ring/tip swapped at the NID data port.
#110908 by lbmofo
Wed Jun 12, 2013 4:03 pm
Try to fix your walljack wiring and then get the data port ring/tip right with orange and try again using L1/L2 splitter. If no go, use a different phone cord to go from L2 of the splitter to the modem.
#110975 by cvking
Sat Jun 15, 2013 8:58 am
Tried the new phone cord but didn't work. Was talking to someone and was told since it was uverse I would not be able to split the line. He said if i was using comcast it probably would not be an issue. What do u think? Seems like I've tried everything and he may be correct.
#110976 by lbmofo
Sat Jun 15, 2013 9:51 am
Since you have Uverse, you are trying to get the Uverse signal into the house using the orange pair; this way, you can free up the blue pair to feedback Ooma dialtone (most if not all walljacks are wired for the blue pair). Once you make the Uverse signal come into the house on the orange pair, you'd need the L1, L2 splitter to access the Uverse modem signal by plugging in the Uverse modem to the L2 port of the splitter.

You say that when you connect the blue pair to the data port in the NID, the modem works without the L1, L2 splitter.
Then, when you connect the orange pair at the data port, using the splitter's L2 port, your modem should come online as well. If you want, you can go over this portion again to see if you can get the modem up and running (using the orange pair).

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