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#105573 by cdashd
Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:49 am
I'm trying to conduct a survey for Arbitron Ratings. Their area code is 410
When they leave a message, they tell me to call an 877 number but the 877 number can only set up an appointment for the 410 number to call me back.

I just tried calling my Ooma from a Google voice account which has a different area code from mine, it rang fine.. My father called last night from a diff area code and that rang fine too but when this 410 Arbitron number calls me it goes straight to Voicemail. There's no ringing and the only way I notice they called is my handset and Ooma blink once there's a message.

Is there some way to figure out howto get their number to ring. I've heard that if a number is blocked it will go straight to VM, perhaps there is a way to disable that? Is this problem on my end?
#105577 by cdashd
Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:29 am
Thanks for the assistance
I tried to access Blacklists but this is an Ooma Premier feature

Call screening seems like it would help but again it's Ooma Premier

Update: Ok so the issue seems to be resolved, when I was speaking to Live Chat customer support they mentioned that they had performed some update to my system. Perhaps that did the trick, everything is good now.
Thanks a lot, take care

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