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#102758 by LHuisingh
Fri Nov 02, 2012 2:28 pm
I guess I didn't do a good enough search since I just posted a request for this very feature. I would add my vote for this feature as well, both in the Voicemail Inbox as well as sent emails/texts.
#110838 by summitdux
Tue Jun 11, 2013 3:29 am
Ooma, you don't seem very interested in adding this feature. Either that or it takes longer than 2 years and nearly 4 months.

Here's another (futile?) request from a loyal customer for this helpful feature. Two years ago it seemed like "Wow, that would be so nice". Now, it's "you mean they don't do that?". You're lagging the pack.
#110950 by joshuawhite929
Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:58 am
I am new to Ooma and immediately had the same thoughts. I am completely discouraged that this seemingly easy feature request has been open for over two plus years. Not even a comment from the Ooma team.

If this is any indication of the speed at which Ooma innovates, I'm sending it back.

#110954 by Bobby B
Fri Jun 14, 2013 8:58 am
Unfortunately we discovered a technical problem that would cause the caller-ID name in the voicemail inbox to NOT match the caller-ID name in the call logs. We could enable the caller-ID name on the voicemail inbox, but in many cases the results wouldn't be as accurate or useful as those in the call logs.

This problem is due to the way we do contact list and enhanced caller-ID lookups on the Telo itself, instead of on the calling or voicemail servers. We're planning on a re-architecture later this year to fix this problem.
#111052 by joshuawhite929
Tue Jun 18, 2013 9:14 am

Thanks again for the quick feedback. I think this type of information sharing will help manage user expectations. Can you give us a high level timeline for this feature (ie Q1 2014)?

#132096 by hidbigo
Thu Oct 29, 2015 9:10 pm
I'm a new OOMA customer but I have the same feature request. It looks like this request has been around for years and the post from nearly 2 1/2 years ago says it would be fixed "later this year." Any new status?
#132112 by hidbigo
Fri Oct 30, 2015 1:55 pm
Tom, thanks for the response.

I looked at both of those threads and they appear to be about including additional calls in the Ooma call logs. Also, they are more than a year old.

This thread is about presenting caller ID information in the email message when the Ooma service notifies us via email of a new voicemail message.

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