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#68457 by Sparkland
Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:08 pm
I just signed up for premier service and added a second phone line through my scout with Ooma core system. The internet and Direct TV system worked fine before this, but now when we try to use the computer with the Direct TV HR-24 connected, the internet basically slows to a crawl. Does the second phone line really draw that much bandwidth or do we have an unrelated problem? Qwest, our internet provider, says we have plenty of bandwidth to run those items: 4-7 mbs.

I called Direct TV and they basically refused to send a technician to my home to figure out the internet connection problem. That irritated me a little, since their equipment is involved.

Any help would be appreciated. I might just disconnect my second phone line and see if that helps.

#68458 by southsound
Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:17 pm
It sounds like your hub/scout WALL jacl wiring has gotten mixed in with your DSL signal. How are you connecting the two devices? Are you using landline integration with the hub (in other words, do you use your Qwest landline to allow you to use your old phone number without porting? Also, please tell us about how you have your DirectTV connected - do you use the phone connection for caller ID / PPV and is that the same wiring you used prior to ooma? The more you can tell us about your configuration, the better our advice.

In answer to your questions, no, adding the scout will not draw that much additional capacity from your Internet connection. Something is clearly wrong.
#68461 by Sparkland
Sat Nov 06, 2010 4:29 pm
Thanks for the response.

Here are some more details to clarify my connections. I have my original number ported and the core is connected to the router on the dsl line (with the answering machine and 3 handsets). The scout is just plugged into the power and is connected to a second phone system (with a different answering machine and 3 handsets). Actually I think the scout is plugged into the original phoneline. I am not certain how the signal gets to the scout at all. I could use some clarification on that. Maybe I should disconnect the scout from the phoneline.

As for the Direct TV system, we are not connected to the phone line as such. We have a "Home" setup that uses two black boxes connected to the Ethernet system, so both of our receivers can share programs. This "Home" setup is connected to the back of the main router and the two receivers are connected by coax cable. A lot of the bandwidth is used up with the "On demand feature" also connected to the router. When we disconnect the "On demand" the computer and the DTV work fine.

We do not have a phone connection to the DTV, so we cannot get caller ID. That is another question we had, how to get the caller ID to work on this system with the Ooma system.

Thanks for all the help.

#68473 by southsound
Sat Nov 06, 2010 6:54 pm
The hub and scout communicate with each other using a networking scheme called HPNA. It can work OK on a line that has only voice activity but it does not play well with DSL. That is what is causing your problem. As a test, move the scout directly next to the hub and connect the two wall ports with a short modular cord. If possible, bring the cordless system you have for the scout and plug it in as well. Now try things and see if there is any problem with speed. I would guess not. You haven't told us if there are other phones connected to your phone line, but if not, then all you really need to do is find a clean pair of wires that is not being used by your DSL and use it to connect up the two device's WALL ports. Most modern phone cables have either 3 or 4 pairs in the jacket. Line 1 is blue/white and Line 2 is orange/white. I prefer actually moving the wires but some are OK using a 2-line splitter that you can purchase at Radio Shack or online. The hub and scout will use the connector marked Line 2.

If you want to get caller ID to your Direct TV box, that is pretty simple too. All you need to do is supply dialtone using a splitter from the PHONE port. If you are going to use your Line 2 wiring, just rewire or use a 2-line splitter there too and use the jack marked Line 2.

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