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#67403 by marksparks
Sat Oct 23, 2010 4:41 am
I was a huge fan of Ooma, and I’d been recommending it to a number of friends, but I’ve stopped because I’ve become very dissatisfied and disappointed with Ooma’s service and their willingness to stand behind their products. I’ve spoken to a number of very friendly tech support reps who are following their script very nicely, but at the end of the day, I’ve been without phone service for over two weeks now, and it has become clear to me that I must drive the technical support issue through the organization, and that Ooma doesn’t appreciate its Premier customers and early adopters. It is ironic to be receiving emails asking me to refer a friend when I’ve got no working phone to use to call them. Maybe I should email?

My story:
I have been a happy customer for the past few months (but less than a year). I’ve had some issues with the Telo, but nothing that made me want to ditch it. Two weeks ago, my Telo went down, and wouldn’t boot up. I spent a lot of time on the phone with Ooma Tech Support, and was delighted when they said that they would honor the warranty and send out a new Telo. Telo the 2nd arrived, and I plugged it in. No joy. It kept rebooting, only staying up for about 30 seconds. I contacted Tech Support. Again, a very nice Techie walked me through the same 1 hour of trouble shooting that I’d already done on my own and had already done with them on Telo the 1st. I was escalated to 2nd level Tech Support. ‘Sarah’ started looking at what was happening on the server side of the equation, and could see that Telo the 2nd couldn’t get the firmware update that it was trying to get. Sarah acknowledged that it seemed like something was wrong with the replacement device, Telo the 2nd, and that they would send out a replacement - Telo the 3rd. Sarah asked me to find a friend who would let me plug in my Telo at their house to see if perhaps it would get the update from a different network/service provider/modem/router combo. I did so, and spent about an hour babysitting Telo the 2nd at my in-laws house. No joy. Sarah sent me a mail telling me that they would send out Telo the 3rd as soon as they received Telo the 1st, which was sent back. This is included in Helpdesk ticket 101015-000022. Telo the 1st has been back at Ooma for nearly a week, and I’d heard nothing back, so I called Ooma Tech Support once again, referencing this ticket. I spoke to a fellow that was pleasant enough, but I didn’t catch his name. Let’s call him Jose. Jose told me that I had a new ticket number, CS-75379, and that 3rd level Tech Support had become interested in my problem. I indicated that I was glad to find them interested when I call, but that I was more interested in them doing what they said they would do, namely, sending me Telo the 3rd. Jose said the 3rd level tech support folks needed to look at the logs. Jose asked me to plug in Telo the 2nd, so that the good folks at Ooma could look at the logs. I plugged in Telo the 2nd, and told Jose that based on the lights that I was seeing on the Ooma (no blinking green light by the ‘To Internet’ RJ45 plug), that I didn’t think they’d be seeing Telo the 2nd in their logs. Jose acknowledged that he’d added this tidbit to the ticket, and took my cell phone number so that 3rd level support Tech Johnny-On-The-Spot (not!) could call me back. I asked to speak to Jose’s supervisor about four times, and after Jose finally agreed, he came back on the line and told me that the supervisor was busy and that 3rd level Tech would call me back. 24 hours later, this has not happened. I’ve got no telephone, no status updates by email or phone, and emails from a company making promises to stand behind their product and send me Telo the 3d, and emails asking me to refer a friend. Now we’re into Saturday, and I’ve already learned that there are no shipments made on the weekend, so it will be Tuesday, at the earliest, before I get a replacement, IF they get off their butts and do what they said they would do, but as I told Jose, their credibility is questionable when they don’t do what they said they would do, and in writing.

I’m so not happy, and considering these things: 1) What does the Telo Product Manager estimate their cost of customer acquisition to be? 2) What is the value of positive word-of-mouth/testimonials? 3) What is the cost of negative word-of-mouth/testimonials? 4) Is this better than Fairpoint/Verizon? 5) Does the PUC regulate VOIP providers? If not, why?
#67415 by dkdj5
Sat Oct 23, 2010 11:47 am
I've been a customer for about 2 years. I was recommending Ooma to all my friends and then my Mom. I had a lot of trouble getting her's to work. I even tried it a my house. They then sent me a second one. It didn't work either at first. We went through all their suggestions. Nothing.

I do computer repairs so I know a few things about networks. I started looking through the settings. I realized that the IP address for the Telo was the same as my Hub that was already on the network. I changed it up one digit, and wala, everything worked correctly.
My point is, the problem is likely not the Telo devise. I have done tremendous amount of troubleshooting electronics at the car repair dealer I used to work with, and you just don't see 2 bad devises, let alone 3.
See if you have a computer friend verify you are getting a signal to the ooma and that the router is not blocking it. Yours and your friends could both be blocking the connection. That green light would be on when it is transimitting data.
I agree that Ooma needs to be more helpful. It seems they are not willing to pay for smarter, better trained tech support. Not just any body can do this kind of work. It you don't understand what the flow charts are telling you, you will fail often.

I hope this helps. The cost difference between Ooma and everybody else is tremendous and worth the difficulties. I have tracfone with the same kind of issues, but again, nothing else comes close in cost.
#67516 by Spiky
Mon Oct 25, 2010 8:38 am
dkdj5 wrote:My point is, the problem is likely not the Telo devise. I have done tremendous amount of troubleshooting electronics at the car repair dealer I used to work with, and you just don't see 2 bad devises, let alone 3.

You do with Qwest DSL modems, and other companies that only send out refurbs for warranty replacement. Don't know what Ooma does, myself.
#67565 by nn5i
Tue Oct 26, 2010 7:46 am
When they sent a replacement Telo, did they also send a replacement wall-wart power supply -- or are you testing the new Telo with the old power supply?
#67572 by ntoy
Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:25 am
Hello marksparks,

I certainly understand your frustrations. As you mentioned, it looks like your first telo was working. The last log I show is on 10/16 & appears there was trouble with the software upgrade. As for the replacement, I do not show any logs - meaning this box has not connected to our network.

How is your telo connected: Modem>Router>Telo?

Router>Telo - have you tried a different port on your router just in case the original port maybe bad? Tried a different ethernet cable? Is the phone port connected to your physical wall jack? - If so maybe try disconnecting temporarily. Are there other electronic devices nearby. If so, perhaps you can power them down temporarily.
#67583 by marksparks
Tue Oct 26, 2010 10:03 am
nn5i wrote:When they sent a replacement Telo, did they also send a replacement wall-wart power supply -- or are you testing the new Telo with the old power supply?

No, they didn't send a replacement wall-wart - I've wondered if perhaps I'm not getting a clean 5V input - wrong input voltages could account for a variety of problems. I'm looking for my multi-tester now... Thanks for the suggestion!
#67584 by marksparks
Tue Oct 26, 2010 10:10 am

I've tried the following, both on my own, and under the direction of the Tech Supporters:
Cable Modem-Ooma-Router (my original configuration)
Cable Modem-Router-Ooma (current config)
Cable Modem-Ooma
Multiple ethernet cables tried
different network: Cable Modem/Router-Ooma
powered Ooma off for two minutes, then restarted Modem, then reconnected and restarted Ooma.
Same as above, but with the Ooma off for two hours.

Not sure why you can't see it in the logs - 'Sarah' said she could see it. I wouldn't expect it to be seen now, as the xmit light on the Ooma is dark - nothing coming or going...

The good news is that Telo the 3rd is en route. Unless it turns out to be a bad wall-wart, as was suggested above...
#67638 by marksparks
Wed Oct 27, 2010 6:53 am
Telo the 3rd arrived last night, and all is well! It appears that Telo the 2nd was bad. I'm happy to have my phone service back. I love the Ooma product and features, but I wish that the communication between the Tech Support levels was clearer and more consistent. It seemed like I had to retell the entire story every time I called Tech Support, and that there were multiple support tickets. It also seemed like nothing was moving forward unless I was calling to nag. Total time without phone service was about 18 days - not very good. All-in-all, a bad experience with the Tech Support process at Ooma, but a favorable outcome.

Thanks for the helpful suggestions!
#67642 by ntoy
Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:01 am
I'm glad to hear that your telo is working!

We do value our customers & appreciate your patience. Also, thanks for the feedback & I can communicate this through our channels to help improve our services.

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