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#67368 by robm15
Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:36 pm
I signed up for OOMA last week, and so far, after about 10 days, I absolutely love it! I am planning to get the annual Premier service, and of course that means I can pick either a free handset, or a bluetooth adapter. I don't want a number ported, so that option isn't under consideration.

From my reading in the forums, it seems the handset isn't very good, and there seem to be lots of complaints (both old and recent) about it's quality and usability. I don't see any recent complaints about the bluetooth adapter when I search on bluetooth.

Could I please get some feedback from you all on what you would choose, based on your experience with these devices?

#67369 by southsound
Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:43 pm
First off, welcome to ooma and to the forum!

I would personally choose the handset - especially if you are subscribing to Premier. Lots of additional features that you don't get without it - like the possibility of two calls at once, enchanced handling when a second call comes in while you are on the phone, great access to your contact list, etc. Every Telo should have at least one. And IMHO, it really isn't as bad as some make out. I still like my Uniden 1580-5 better for everday use, but if I'm on the phone and a second call comes in, my wife can use the Telo handset to answer it. Or she can make a call while the first line is in use. There are some physical features (sharp edges, small dim screen, etc.) that can be disappointing - but the actual features keep getting better through software updates.

Almost forgot - range of BT = 30' on a good day standing on one leg with arm extended.
Range of handset, pretty good - about 120' or more.
#67483 by robm15
Sun Oct 24, 2010 9:33 am
Thank you. I was thinking about the fact that the handset would be good to have for the features of premier that only work with a Telo handset.

I think that is what I will do, get the free handset and then buy the bluetooth since it is cheaper.

I really hope the bluetooth is as good as advertised. My wife and I both tend to leave our cell phones on the kitchen counter, six feet from the Telo base station. If the bluetooth keeps us from having to race to the kitchen when the phone rings, we will both be very happy.

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