No lights in the center and top in telo...problem help

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No lights in the center and top in telo...problem help

Post by pl09 » Thu Oct 14, 2010 8:55 am

hi all,

recently my power went off at home and after that in my telo only the lights i can see is on 1,2,trash and rewind buttons but nothing in the middle ring or on the top most with wireless none of it lit.
the rest are all blue.

reset the router/modem and telo still no go.

any thoughts on this.


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Re: No lights in the center and top in telo...problem help

Post by nn5i » Thu Oct 14, 2010 3:35 pm

You mentioned that you had reset your router; I assume you power-cycled it, which is not the same thing. But if you did reset it, you must then reconfigure it unless you're using all the default factory settings, which is what "reset" resets it to.

But you didn't say anything about power-cycling the Telo, which you ought to do any time the router has been either power-cycled or reset. Did you do that?

And what about the modem? Did you reset it, or power-cycle it?

When things go haywaire after a power outage, you should power-cycle the modem, then the Telo or router (whichever is connected to the modem), and last of all the Telo if it's plugged into the router, or the router if it's plugged into the Telo (which Ooma recommends but which I consider insanely unwise; I would never put the Telo between the modem and the router).

After you power-cycle the first device (modem), you should wait until it's completely up. Same for each of the other two devices, in the order in which they're connected. Wait for each to come up completely (three minutes is always enough) before powering up the next.

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