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#66079 by nitsudima
Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:24 am
I've having my landline ported to my Telo, and according to the porting status page the estimated completion date is Oct 6. That page does not have the Port Scheduled for Completion or Port Completed boxes checked, but last Friday my landline started acting oddly. On Friday evening I learned that no one could dial in -- some callers heard a fast busy signal, others heard a message about their number not being completed as dialed. I could still dial out, however. Seemed odd to have a port start at the end of the week -- who would be around to complete the port over the weekend?

On Saturday, much to my surprise, I received a call -- from someone using my Google Voice number. After testing from my temporary Ooma line and my cell phone, however, I confirmed that I still couldn't dial in any other way. Calls out still worked.

Sunday evening I tried to make a call and my dialtone was gone! A caller to my landline number now hears either a message saying that the number is not in service or a fast dial tone. It really surprised me that something would change over the weekend, but maybe it's part of an automated process to disconnect the number.

Anyway, as of Monday morning my Porting Status page has not changed, I have received no emails from Ooma about the porting process, my temporary Ooma number still works, and my wife is worried that we've lost our old number since the line is dead and the Telo isn't using it yet.

Anyone else have their landline disconnected *before* the port was completed? Most of the message I found on this board while searching only mention landlines that continued to work after the port was finished. If this isn't unusual, how long can I expect to wait until my Telo picks up my old number?
#66093 by nitsudima
Mon Oct 04, 2010 9:14 am
Looks like my landline provider didn't bother to tell Ooma that they started the port (on a Friday!), and yes, the port completed not too long after I posted my question here. I even got a call from an Ooma rep right before I was going to call my old provider to make sure nothing else was wrong. I'm looking forward to rebooting my Telo when I get home so I can get going with Ooma full-time!

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