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#4209 by Orange
Mon Mar 09, 2009 1:51 pm
Can I cancel my porting request and get refund?

I've sent in my LOA on Feb 26th and haven't received LOA confirmation email from ooma yet, ooma said within 5days I'll receive the email.
10days and counting....

At this point I don't think ooma can complete my porting within overall 3- 4wks as rep told me on the phone before I placed my porting request.
This gonna cost me another month of other phone bill(April) and fees ($110) on top of the $39 ooma fee and March phone bill... it's costing me too much to keep my number.........
#4326 by Orange
Tue Mar 10, 2009 2:22 pm
Update March 10th

I didn't hear or receive email back from ooma so I called today and explained my situation to a porting rep??.

It did take 5 dropped calls with each on hold for 30mins to get through, finally I tried in porting menu section, option #2: ask general porting question instead of option #1: porting in process??.

My rep was able to schedule my projected port date on March 24th, and he asked me to call back next week to follow up on my porting process.

He also told me that I can cancel my port and get refund untill the date port occurs.

Thank you for your help ooma.

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