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#63471 by subadubdub
Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:40 pm
I have a dedicated computer running my NAT/firewall router. Today, my firewall was being barraged with requests on UDP port 49 from, which of course were being blocked (obviously, I have my ooma behind my router). Checking this IP with host/nslookup/dig or similar shows: domain name pointer

Based on this, I am assuming it is coming from ooma. UDP port 49 is not listed as one of the service ports for Ooma on the following web page of generally used service ports: ... vice-ports

Anybody have any ideas if UDP port 49 is a legitimate port used by ooma for service or otherwise. I am unsure because I am in the middle of porting my number which is estimated to be completed on Sept. 10 2010. Ooma is currently set up to work with my existing number (I know from other posts that this isn't the best choice), but it is working (e.g. I can make calls out of the phone connected to the ooma hub for free or through other phones using my current carrier AND I think I can receive calls from either phone as well.)


#63472 by subadubdub
Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:59 pm
Ok, I think I know what these communications are from. I had rebooted my NAT/firewall computer because it was having an issue, and I think these were still communications from ooma to my firewall. Since the state had been broken, the firewall didn't associate them with a previous vpn session to ooma and blocked them. Once the device re-initiated a connection the previous communications and blocks stopped. I realized this because there were latent communications with another device that had been connected by vpn to another location, but these looked more like vpn type connections. Ooma must be using UDP port 49 for connections.


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