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#4159 by Dennis276
Sun Mar 08, 2009 7:31 am
I am a new customer, everything works well except voicemail. When a caller tries to leave a message they get the ooma generic message rather than my personalized one and it tells them my voicemail is FULL. My check reveals no messages. Then the hub or scout hangs up on them. Can anyone help please? Dennis Update: I called Ooma and while waiting scanned the internet making the wait painless. I got Richard C. who was personable and knowledgeable and had a great attitude. He listened to my problem then made several calls to my number. His diagnosis was that even when I turned off the answering machine on my Panasonic base unit, my phone company MCI was taking the messages causing the Ooma system to shut down. When porting is completed that problem will go away. I am now setting my Ooma system to maximum rings and enabling my panasonic base station to pick up calls. Hope it works, if not, its worth the inconvenience to have my phone ported and to hook up with Ooma. Again, Richard was great!

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