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#61433 by vahsmom
Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:36 pm
After a horrible magic Jack experience I can't even believe I am going through this.... Anyhow after spending close to an hour with an ooma rep, my handset will not still pair with the black hub. I have done all the steps multiple times. Any ideas? I am not transferring a land line # as I only have cell phone service at this time and a modem/router combination. Thanks. :shock:
#61461 by bw1
Wed Aug 04, 2010 5:29 am
Did you follow these instructions:
REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS: To register a new Ooma Telo Handset, follow these instructions:

1. Turn off the handset by pressing the hangup button (red phone key) for 3 seconds
2. On your Ooma Telo, press and hold the page (antenna) button in the upper right hand corner for 3 seconds. The icon should begin to blink rapidly.
3. Press the hangup button (red phone key) on the handset to turn the phone on.
4. The handset will display "Auto Registration" and try to register with the Telo'. Enter the PIN number above when prompted.

You may have to try several times. Also, you could try resetting the handset by turning it off (holding down the red hangup button) and then holding down the left soft key and zero while turning it on.

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