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#3983 by fonduke
Thu Mar 05, 2009 11:03 am
Hi, love the ooma device except the support.....

Ok so here is my problem, got the system in and I am making calls out just fine. The problem is porting my old number or the lack of info from ooma on that. I submitted my info a few weeks ago and paid but I have not gotten an email from them saying that got my stuff and have started. I have called a few time and been left on hold for over an hour each time. I have sent three emails with 0 response. I got a confirmation email that ooma got my port order and for me to fill out paperwork which I did and faxed it in but that has been the end of it. I need my old number ported and I need to know ooma is doing its part.

Can someone contact me either by my ooma number or email or fax or smoke signal that you guys are working on this?
#3989 by fonduke
Thu Mar 05, 2009 11:53 am

Support picked up the phone and confirmed they got my paperwork and are working on the porting.

Also they are changing processes so if you email you LOA in and you get a don't reply to this email responce they are working on that too.
#4137 by ryu
Sat Mar 07, 2009 4:59 pm
I thought I'd add on to this post since it sounds similar to my situation. I submitted my LOA via email on Jan 13th 2009. As of today, March 7th I have made several phone call attempts to the phone support and gave up after being on hold over 10 minutes each time. Then I have written several emails asking the status of my port - with no email reply. I did get through to someone on the phone support (probably by accident) last weekend but he said my port was submitted but he could not see my LOA form I called Comcast - the current owner of the phone number I want to port and they said there was no submission of a port request...if there is anyone from Ooma reading/listening, this is an incredibly poor execution of customer service and responsiveness, etc...I bought my system through and will voice my disatisfaction with them and I'm sure they'd be glad to remove the system from their web site. I know porting takes time (I've done it in the past with different numbers and Vonage - but even vonage is far better at responsiveness to the questions via email and phone! I'm out of patience and I hope someone at ooma wakes up in the next few days...

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