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#60865 by sfhub
Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:39 am
erics wrote:That having been said, my question of the Ooma is, why is it currently handing out an address of Why not the "35" node per its status/DHCP page? And why can the Ooma setup page be accessed by 2 IP addresses ( .../.../35.1 and .../.../36.1)?

Probably because you aren't using DHCP but instead have the Airport configured to use PPPoE so it isn't clear what Airport is doing to get an IP address. It probably has some fallback method and that is what is being indicated.
#60885 by erics
Wed Jul 28, 2010 1:54 pm
I placed the Ooma into PPPoE mode (with username and password - it had been in "Automatic" mode); could not get any internet connection thereafter. Changing the setting back to PPPoE did not restore internet.

Next, I removed the Ooma from the network (modem<->Airport router); internet restored.

Did a hard reset on the Ooma (after placing Ooma behind router), Ooma service restored.

About to place the Ooma back between modem and router. Not certain of the steps necessary to get Ooma to work in PPPoE mode with my network (I perhaps should have, immediately after having placed Ooma into PPPoE mode, then placed router into DHCP or manual IP selection mode).

Any thoughts? Thanks.
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