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#60622 by Dontforgeturid
Sat Jul 24, 2010 5:16 pm
So this is a perplexing issue I am having.

I currently have a Hub and Headset that I bought just a few months back. I really haven't used it much in the time I have had it because of a recent move. I even moved it in original packaging.

So I get my unit out, hook it up, and now the stupid thing wont stop paging my headset. I've had to turn off my headset because it is going off every minute. Keep in mind, this is after a 30 second paging cycle that I have cancelled more times than I have liked to.

So far, I have taken steps to correct most standard electrical abnormalities to include power cycling on both devices, battery removal from the headset, and pressing the Page button on the hub. Pressing the button did not correct the abnormality.

Is there a way to turn the paging feature off? Kinda annoyed I payed $250 for the thing and after a couple months it is having problems.

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